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  1. For the same reason that you don't want to date someone just because someone wants you. Although of course, there is “sex for friendship”. But not that often. And I met somewhere in the Japanese that a real samurai will not refuse a girl who asks him for sex, even if he does not love her at all.: -)

  2. We can meet whomever we want – it's in our power as people. Being in a relationship is already more difficult, but also in our power. Living together and starting a family is even harder, but we can also do it. In fact, everything is in our power. And love and falling in love (if we are talking about this) are different things. And this realization will come when the right person (your own person) is found. There is also obsession, when a person in principle does not adequately perceive reality and chases after the ghost of a person rather than the person himself. And here the public opinion of even the closest people can never be an “assistant” (“will you look at him/her”, ” when will you give birth?”, “so many years and everyone is one/one”, “everyone is already married/married, but you are not”). All these tips should be dismissed immediately. The main thing is patience and work with yourself. Analysis of yourself and others. And it's easier to relate to everything. If someone did not manage to “put the puzzle together”, then feel free to let go of the person (do not torment yourself or him) and try to look at the world more broadly. There are many people in the world. You can always find reciprocity. And you can always reconsider your views, too

  3. If the question is not just to cry in your vest and calm down again to climb the cactus, but to understand yourself, correct the Settings and finally become happy, then try on such a cause of misery:

    The family had a difficult relationship with their mother (or father) and with their mother's milk imbibed the attitude that only stars and the most famous people, nambewans, are worthy of attention.

    And ordinary, friendly, calm people seem boring and even incomprehensible, unpredictable, who do not know how and do not like to play the usual game “Victim-Aggressor-Rescuer”.

    Then, to get out of this swamp, the question can be formulated from a different point of view:

    • Why don't I like friendly, calm people who will not “make my nerves” and “eat my brain” ??

    There is some sacred belief that prevents you from living the life of a simple, normal person, and makes you look up at the sky to look for a crane in the high sky. That is, a high-flying bird.

  4. You must always believe that you will be with the person you like. But we must remember that a relationship is the will of two people. So they must want to meet you, too. Build harmonious relationships with the people you want to make a part of your life maybe there's even a book on the subject – “Friends and loved ones. How to find them and keep them.”

  5. Well, imagine the opposite situation. You are liked by someone you don't like.
    Do you have to like someone who likes you? No options?

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