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  1. We see ourselves as if from the inside, with the whole paradigm of advantages and disadvantages, with all thoughts and feelings, that is, the image is very deep and complex, which from the point of view of self-perception is quite difficult to describe in a few sentences. Plus, it is also worth adding to the analysis of yourself a constant reflection on your actions, which often makes you analyze and doubt. And, looking at the life and actions of other people, we can only see their actions, appearance and feel our attitude towards them, that is, we draw conclusions about a person not on the basis of all the inner versatility hidden inside a person, but only on the basis of what is accessible to our eyes, mind and feelings. That's probably why it's easier with others.

  2. There is such a universal glitch in perception that when we act one way or another. we believe that we act according to the circumstances, but when another person does something, we believe that he acts according to the characteristics of his character. I'm angry because I've been pushed, and he's angry because he's irritable and angry. I buy myself two buns because I'm very hungry, she (he) buys two buns because she's a glutton. “I do a brave thing because I'm ashamed to look like a coward, and he does it because he's brave. I drink this glass of wine because I want a holiday, I just need to relax, he likes to drink. �This error can be taken into account.

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