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  1. Most of the respondents, of course, will write that “You can and should be proud, but you can't brag” – something like that…

    I think that the stupid recommendation you made has a much deeper meaning than it might seem at first glance.�

    Mind differs from physical strength, from power, from money, and other means of superiority precisely in that when minds clash, it is the one who can turn into his opposite that wins.

    Let's say two forces collided: whoever gets the most wins. When money collided, the one with the most money won. Etc.

    When two minds collide, the winner is not the one who knows. Not the one who knows more. And the one who is able to understand the logic of the other.That is, to become your own opponent.

    This is the victory of the mind. Not a victory over someone else's mind – but a victory over yourself.

    And starting to “be proud of your mind”, you exclude such an opportunity for yourself.

  2. Dear Anastasia,

    Thank you for the interesting question!

    Let's try to apply the mind…

    Imagine – someone is proud of their intelligence and knowledge!

    And what does he get at the same time, what kind of cakes?))

    Proud of a day, a week, a month – and what?

    Is it clear what the question is about?

    About the meaning!

    Being proud of something is meaningless!

    Especially with the mind that is given by Nature and parents.

    And knowledge is given by parents and Society.

    All reasonable things!

  3. You can be proud, but you can't show off. A person who boasts about his intelligence and knowledge does not arouse respect because he pretends not to be who he is: a smart person will not show his superiority to others, emphasize their inferiority against the background of himself.

    Well, if you convince yourself that you are the most intelligent and knowledgeable, then you can stop developing and start to degrade, because you will think that you have “enough”.

  4. All my life I am proud of my intelligence and ingenuity, my knowledge, my education! I don't see anything wrong with this, my mind has helped me all my life in life, in work, I have improved my professional skills and achievements with my mind and hard work! Is that a bad thing? I don't think so!

  5. Pride is not the best trait of a person, this is my personal opinion. To be proud of the mind is generally nonsense. “To know” means to perceive something, “knowledge” is an expression of it. “To know that you don't know—is greatness, Not to know that you don't know—is disease. To be free from disease is to know that disease is a disease; therefore the sage is free from disease.”Lao Tzu. I think that is said accurately and clearly!!! With respect.

  6. Due to the fact that everything is not completely knowable! After all, it will not succeed, no matter how you look at it.So it turns out that any of your personal knowledge is always narrow-minded, and narrowly focused.Yes, and two seemingly identical-looking people have different answers to the same questions.Respect for your neighbor also makes you think carefully.

  7. You can and should be proud. Knowledge and developed intelligence, professional skills and achievements are all good reasons for pride. Unlike, we think, a steroid bitsuhi or a pumped-up ass.

  8. My mother once told me that the phrase ” Are you so smart?” went from a more different version of “If you're so smart, then why are you so poor?”

    I think both versions are terrible, and I wouldn't say that. And, as mentioned above, in my opinion, this “insult” arose precisely “because of” Soviet equalization, i.e., “sit still, be like everyone else.”�

    PS: I'm proud of my intelligence.

  9. Because the slave mindset and way of life in our country compels us not to stand out and show off. So as not to hurt the feelings of other, not particularly smart people. It's something we've been hammered into since high school : do not be an upstart, do not go where you are not asked, be quiet in the water, below the grass.

  10. And actually what else can you be proud of if not your mind and knowledge? I think this is almost the only adequate reason for pride. A mind and an act – that's all you can be proud of.

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