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  1. Girls do this when something in what you said determined for her that she doesn't want a relationship with you, and she is too lazy to spend the entire “sorry, but you're not right for me” dialogue and generally explain herself. So I threw it in an emergency, and, as you know, there is no person — there is no problem. Ugly on the human side, but apparently convenient.

    You could say anything, from just an illiterate letter, to all sorts of sexual questions. It is not possible to guess which of your phrases or views seemed stupid to the lady, as long as it diverged from her ideas about a “decent man”. You can also get into an emergency if she is stupidly bored to talk to you and for her it is “hopeless”.�

    Apparently, you write to some popular young ladies, who are writing a dozen a week, and they are already allergic to some things.

  2. A girl with someone started a serious relationship, she doesn't want to fool you in vain. Больше More certainty, less hassle. Be happy, you are already out of the friend zone.

  3. Perhaps the girl just likes you, she just decided to “show off” and “take offense” at something or just draw more of your attention to herself.

    All this is done in order to get more value in your eyes, to make you think about it.

    Cute, but you should remember: such cheap manipulations worthy girls do not engage.

  4. She's probably tired of you. She couldn't think of a nicer way to send you.”

    So I added it to the emergency list.�

    My sister often complains to me about the excessive persistence of young people.
    Have you read “manuals for alphachs”, damn it)
    If the girl doesn't respond to the message, you don't need to write to her again and again. If she doesn't respond, it means she's either busy or not interested in communicating with you. Just forget about them and move on with your life.
    Then no one will add it to the emergency list either.

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