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  1. If they have a low sense of social responsibility.
    Low willpower.
    If they don't want to work on themselves and their relationships. Weakly wind up a sense of passion. It's hard to remember your past feelings. It's too weak to ask for some kind of experiment or suggest it yourself. Weakly. After all, it is easier not to include imagination and creativity, but to use a ready-made new woman.

    And the most important thing is that when you LOVE directly, the state and feelings of a person are more important, because a priori you will not be able to cause him something that will cause pain

  2. it seems to me that it is high time for people to understand simple things and separate them. Sex and love.�

    rarely ,when both “collapse”. in the beginning, many people are on the effect of “passion” and endorphins, I think that “all 100% agreed”.

    time passes and people understand that it is pleasant for me to communicate, my soul is good next to a person, but in intimate terms it is “empty”. and no one is to blame for this. it's just the way it is.�

    that is why I do not believe in the concept of “treason”. that's when you trust a person, (no matter what gender) have been friends for 100 years and then he sets you up or starts to morally humiliate you, (God forbid you should still engage in physical violence) this is terrible and it needs to be sorted out and found out why this is happening.

  3. Infidelities can be based on many reasons, both personal (worldview, morals, upbringing), interpersonal (love, fading of love, agreement to have an open relationship, higher sexual temperament, etc.), and social(norms, rules, laws).�

    There is no single answer here, also because men are heterogeneous

  4. Because for men, sex and love are completely unrelated concepts. Accordingly, infidelity is to fall in love with another, and sleeping with another is just like chatting with a girlfriend, and certainly sex on the side can not be called betrayal.

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