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  1. One of the reasons: you have started a new era in your life, and the previous one, in which this hated music was played, is irrevocably gone. For example, the carefree school and college years are over. The routine began at work, in the family. You start to miss the old days. And suddenly you hear that annoying song that was pouring out of all the radios at that time. You are enveloped in pleasant memories. And now this song is associated with a carefree childhood and evokes pleasant emotions.

    You spent time with your grandmother as a child. She was listening to some old-fashioned slag. But now you have grown up, your grandmother has died, and that very slag now evokes pleasant memories, a warm feeling of longing.

  2. Most likely (if we are talking about popular music), the rotation effect has come into play.
    They are not just twisted everywhere and everywhere.
    The same song makes you feel nauseous for the first time,and stomping on the beat for the tenth time.Fiftieth-and then you're humming it.

  3. In my humble opinion, there is some complex intellectual aspect to non-professional musical perception. In other words, receiving emotions from music is directly related to mental development, the level of intelligence, the state of mental (mental) tension, anxiety at this particular moment, this is a situational aspect.�

    Sometimes even a change in political and cultural views can change musical preferences, but do not give in to these mind games, after a fairly long dive into one of the popular musical genres(American hip-hop), I came to the conclusion that I am not always able to control cultural conformism and adaptability in favor of imposed genre features, this is the adaptive aspect.

    To find out if you like a particular song, turn it on when you're alone and try to listen to it without asking questions about what exactly you like about the song. The absence of these questions is a good sign. Listen only to your favorite music!)

  4. There may be many reasons why such a drastic change occurred:�

    • This may be the development of musical taste, its peculiar evolution.
      I can give you a personal example: when I was about 10 years old, my father listened to Pink Floyd and watched the movie The Wall. I didn't like their music at the time. It seemed to me somehow gloomy, oppressive and complex. However, just 4 years later I heard them again and wanted to listen to them again. Since then, I have listened to all the albums, watched a lot of documentaries and other material, and I am a fan of the band's work to this day.
    • The first opinion can be deceptive.
      This item may be somewhat similar to the previous one. It often happens that some song simply “does not come in”, but after listening to it more or just hearing it several times after a certain amount of time, you start listening to the text, you hear some deep meaning in it, perhaps understandable only to you, you reveal the beauty of the melody in a new way and unusual, previously seemingly ridiculous, musical moves.
      Again, I learned this from my own example.About two years ago, I started discovering Russian rock music and the first person I thought I should listen to was Viktor Tsoi and the Kino band. At first I listened to some songs that are probably known to everyone, but then I gradually started listening to the rest, refuting my own conclusions that he didn't have any better songs than “A Pack of Cigarettes” and “A Star called the Sun”.
    • Perhaps a particular song has become more than just a song for you.
      Sometimes, while sitting in a company, someone plays a track that you don't really like, but then you saw the same girl/guy and this song started playing for you in a new and completely special way. Or sitting with a bottle of beer, or with a glass of wine in a circle of friends, you suddenly realize that at this very moment, your youth is passing and you are unlikely to ever return to this moment when you see the happy faces of your friends and hear music that you will remember more than once, sitting in a stuffy office.
    • Another fashion trend has touched you.
      It often happens when everyone around you listens to a song, which, thanks to the producers, became popular in a matter of weeks. You start to hear this song often, and it starts to sound like it's coming from almost every iron. And so, you hear it so often that you perceive it not as something hateful, but as an ordinary sound background, and then it even starts to like something, but it's already someone like it.
    • You listen to other things when you're confused.
      I do not in any way say that the author of this question goes to the registration, but drunk and not like that you listen. Again, using your own example: there is such a popular Face reference point in some circles. I frankly don't digest his work, but when someone turned it on at the entrance, I swayed along with the others to the beat, although, again, I can't digest it when I'm sober.
      Definitely there may be even more reasons, but I, as they say, helped as much as I could. Good luck with your music search.
  5. Depends on the context of why you were “hated”.

    When there is an understanding of a particular music, and the attitude to it changes both exactly the opposite and neutral-negative (the sediment remains)

  6. I think this is due to life situations that define our way of life and thinking. Growing up, changing your company or outlook on life. At 14, I listened to DDT, Movies, etc. I was an impulse writer and if someone told me then that I would listen to rap, I would spit in his face shouting ” Rap is shit, Choi is alive!” . Now I listen to everything and understand that there is no such thing as bad music.( but this is not accurate) . Tastes in music change over time,just like we do, and I think it's really cool, because it's stupid to focus on one genre when there's so much good music. �

    P. s. It still feels like I haven't fully answered the question, but I hope my point is clear anyway.

  7. Sometimes music that you didn't like before can be liked for many reasons, for example, because our field of interest changes over the course of our lives, and this affects our musical preferences. Also, the song can “stick” and at first irritate, but due to the fact that the brain chews the film, it begins to like it – the brain is not able to be constantly in an excited-irritated state, and it adapts to circumstances.

    Your social circle may also be affected. You spend your whole life thinking that you don't like rock/rap/indie/jazz/whatever, and then you meet people who are so fucking interesting to you, and their musical tastes gradually move into your life.

    I think so:)

  8. For example, I used to hate Mozart. He seemed too predictable. But then I recognized a higher level that was hidden behind the banality of the melody. It all depends on your efforts. I also hated Martynov at one time, but then I recognized the sincerity in his singing, and this changed my attitude. Over the years, you become less categorical.

  9. It happens that you have “hate” even before listening to it , for example, a friend gives you a song to listen to by an artist that you don't like. Plus, you often have it turned on on your phone, or in headphones(which are always not very decent quality)
    You don't really understand the meaning or arrangement, but a few words can stick in your head, and later, after listening to the song in normal speakers and forgetting about the prejudices about the author, you realize that the song is quite pleasant to the ear

  10. As others have written, a new era has begun in life. And with the previously hated music, some memories, events, or just nostalgia began to be associated.

  11. You need to understand the reasons for hating the song. It happens that you don't like the song because you don't like the artist himself, or it seems terribly primitive, then something changes in your life, your social circle, everyday life, and leisure time, and you start to get used to it.
    And it can be corny to fall in love with it. On vacation, on vacation with friends hanging out, dancing to this stupid song, everyone around is fun and cool and then you hear this song, and pleasant memories just stick.
    I, personally, can't remember such a song. If you have a specific example, please let us know if it's interesting.

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