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  1. I'll offer you another look.

    If I understand correctly that you are a developer, and also that you consider yourself an introvert, the problem may be in communication with people. Some people find it difficult to build relationships with others due to differences in perception and expression of emotions. If you are such a person, other people may not intuitively understand your behavior, intentions, and feelings, because your behavior is unconventional. For example, you can show either a lot of attention to a person, or very little-and often when the other person expects the opposite or something different. When people talk to you, they may say things like “You're weird ” or “I enjoy being with you, but I don't understand you” and may suddenly disappear for reasons unknown to you. You may feel that you are making an effort to interact with people in the “right way”. Communication can be exhausting and cause you intense emotions.

    I do not know how familiar you are with what I have written — perhaps not everything is relevant to you or it doesn't tell you anything at all — but if it is to some extent familiar and if you feel that the root lies somewhere there, then you can only accept that it will simply take you a little longer than many people around you to meet The reasons for this can be understood more deeply and you can also learn how to build better communications.

  2. It's simple — financially self-sufficient girls with good looks are often perceived by men as inaccessible and with high demands.

    We tend to think in stereotypes about girls, if a girl is beautiful and earns well, then the first thought is “She has a thousand such fans. Why does she need me?” Hence, there is indecision about you specifically and girls in general.

    A girl's financial well-being is often a problem for many men. After all, the earner has always been a man, not a woman,and, accordingly, if a woman earns more, then the man is complex, as he loses his status as a” breadwinner ” in his purely personal opinion.

    So it turns out that if an attractive girl earns more than a man (or even earns well), then the idea that he will not be able to satisfy the requests of such a lady and is looking for “simpler”options is burning in his head.

  3. Well, it's only a matter of time. And there's definitely no need to rush. (Although I want to). But, as they say, if you hurry, you'll ruin your passport with seals. There will be your betrothed. I won, for a quarter of a century as one – and nothing ))

    The main thing is not to go out of the way and not start going downhill or take what is available instead of what you want.

  4. Perhaps you just haven't met the right person yet.

    And then it's not just about looks and wealth. What is important is the character, its character, the presence of common interests, feelings, etc.

    In general, my friend's father once said to us when we were visiting them: when I was going to get married, I thought, well, where are the good girls? Now my daughter has grown up, and I think, well, where are the good guys? ))

  5. It is a pity if men are afraid of your independence and professional self-realization. Thus, they put themselves in an unsightly light. For they, to put it mildly, do not do honor to the fact that they have a complex, finding with them a girl who is not timid, economically self-sufficient. A loved one is not someone you need to compete with (subconsciously / psychologically). The following phrase is attributed to Marilyn Monroe: “A strong man does not need to assert himself at the expense of a woman who had the weakness to love him. He already has a place to show his strength.” Although there are all sorts of people, with quirks and delusions… If anyone is worth avoiding, it is, sorry, a woman with manifestations of bitchiness and power-seeking.

    Hurt male pride, however, is still half the trouble. Something else is more interesting. What kind of man do you want to see next to you? Social status, life position, temperament, hobbies, anthropometric data. Perhaps you are already narrowing down the layer of potential suitors in advance due to your current status ― and intend to meet only those who are on the same level as you. Whereas with guys who are one step down in this unspoken hierarchy, you think you'll feel out of place. Of course, such a view has a right to exist, but still it is possible that you are looking for the wrong places and not those.

    How willing are you to compromise and let another person into your world? Are you conflicted, short-tempered, withdrawn or, on the contrary, open-hearted? Do you like animals? The answers to these questions will probably lead you to the main question. Love is selfishness together, not alone.

    It may sound rude (so I apologize), but “good looks” refers to three types of epithets that describe the appearance of a girl: beautiful, pretty, and pretty. If a girl is not visually spectacular as much as Kate Upton, Cara Delevingne, Julia Snigir or Megan Fox, then you usually have to get the warmth of your heart. In addition, beauty, as you know, requires sacrifice. Fitness, spa, peels, body wraps, makeup artists, all that stuff. No matter what kind of workaholic you are, and by the way, you should experiment with the image, and you will find a unique image.

  6. Why is this bad? At least some gigolo should be found

    In general, you can name 2 reasons offhand, even without knowing all the subtleties of character

    1) A man does not really like strong, independent women, especially considering your income, you are clearly not some kind of secretary, but a boss, which also speaks about your authority. And when the earnings are much less than the wife's-it at least hits the male ego

    2) You may have a poor sex life because of giving it your all at work

    I'll give you an example from my family. My brother married the chief accountant of a large company. He himself earns part-time jobs, since he moved from Ukraine to Russia, but has not yet turned around much. According to him, the wife, who is used to bossing her ordinary accountants around, tries to bring this home at first, that is, to build a man. No heel will allow it.

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