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  1. The concept of virtual reality is generally a fairly common version of the device of the universe(and is supported not only by Musk, but also by many other scientists). This situation got its current form, of course, only with the development of digital technologies, i.e. relatively recently. This idea implies that a person exists inside a simulation modeled by a highly developed civilization(which is, in this concept, a “higher intelligence”).
    It is not possible to prove or refute this hypothesis at this stage, although there have been attempts-based, however, on the current(!) laws of chromodynamics. This is the appeal of “virtual reality”: its complexity and unprovability. So far, it has as much foundation as any other concept derived from “intelligent design.” The further science goes, the more different versions of the creation of our world appear – which, on the one hand, seems paradoxical, and on the other, is a huge scope for imagination, since it opens up new facets of the possible.

  2. There are several videos on this topic, where everything is very clear and clearly explained.

    Everything is based on the fact that there are already such games as GTA 5, Sims and similar life simulators, which each time become more realistic and realistic. And also on the fact that” game ” places, overlooked from our view, switch to some kind of offline mode. And the question arises: maybe our world is someone's simulation. All this physics, chemistry and biology is just a simple logic (program code) of some developer.

    Even so, I don't care – it doesn't really change anything.

    Here's the video:�


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