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  1. It is precisely because of the fact that the attitude has changed, and we can say that there was a revolution. It was in our minds and now society treats sex differently. And it is the most important trigger of changing thinking, I believe the Internet.

  2. There is a lot more sex in the information field around us: sex in advertising, sex in books and at trainings, it became embarrassing to talk about sex, including even with strangers (this is how we are now), literature about sex-at least read it, free porn of any genre-three mouse clicks and please! Sex is no longer incomprehensible, scary, inaccessible, and so on. So the attitude towards him has changed. Research shows that millennial children generally have a different attitude to sex than we did. We guys are 70-80 years old. everyone tried and tried to “stick” the maximum number of partners, and these guys “have sex-good, no sex-good, I'll take care of things, but in general sex is tedious, well, fuck it!”. And on the other hand, they also have the first sex of a boy and a girl at the age of 17, and immediately – plus anal. Yes, because around porn, in which this is done often and easily, then this is the norm.

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