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  1. Socrates is an intellectual (whether we speak of him as a real character or as an invention of Plato). For the intellectual, the priority is rational thinking, free from emotional distortions, and the results of such thinking.

    If a person is involved in the emotional element, his ability to think rationally and get adequate results is significantly reduced. This, as we know, is the bread of modern marketers and the basis for large-scale sales )

    Socrates proceeds from the fact that” a woman's love “is” emotional hypnosis”, the stimulation of unbridled passions in a man. As they say, “Vasya was overwhelmed by estrogen eddies…”) Hence his conclusion.

    Although, of course, a different understanding of the term “female love”is also possible. For example, it is the ability to selflessly and sincerely support a man, to completely abandon their own interests for the sake of his interests. Socrates, taking into account the facts of his biography and the personality of Xanthippe, was, of course, far from such an understanding of female love…)

  2. Given Socrates ' personality, he probably meant that a woman's love can suddenly turn into something opposite and unmanageable. While a man's hatred is something more linear and predictable, i.e. less dangerous.

  3. Socrates, with his ugly appearance, adored and loved the hetaerae of his time. Their wondrous divine beauty, their education, and their keen, observant, or rather far-sighted, wit, as well as their entire intellect, inspired the philosopher with respect. This is mentioned in ancient written sources in the History of Ancient Greece

    There is also mention of Plutarch, who writes about Aspasia-a hetaera of incredible beauty and an intellectual. “Socrates sometimes went to see her with his acquaintances to listen to her talk.” In conversations with other philosophers, he used to mockingly say that young men should be sent to the Hetaerae, so that they would become wiser when they made love to them. Hetaerae are a layer of very expensive ladies of their time. And the sages had many boys-pupils of their philosophical schools.

    And the phrase that “a woman's love is more to be feared than a man's hatred” has already been worn to shreds by sages, artists and musicians, poets and writers of all times and peoples.

    It is not for nothing that the ancient saying was born that “from love to hate, one step”. Men are not able to take revenge as sophisticated as women take revenge. This truth is still being confirmed to this day.

  4. Irina, remember the continuation of the phrase: “It's a poison, all the more dangerous because it's pleasant!” Pleasure subordinates the mind to the passions. From a person who is devoid of reason/is in captivity of passions, you can expect anything, but not balanced, deliberate behavior!:)))

  5. Socrates looked at love in dynamics.
    He knew that it would change over time…very often in hatred. And here women have no equal, because the man is given the “best” that she had. But a man keeps the best for himself.

  6. As far as I remember, Socrates was famous for his tenacity and courage in the war (remember that in those days men fought, nor men, nor the noble was not their opinion was not taken into account), but, in ordinary life, Frank henpecked (this despite the fact that the husband was entitled to kill his wife for the keys to the wine cellar in her hands) and that's being a philosopher and a teacher of philosophy, he came from an ancient truth: “and I have found that bitter death the woman, because shenetwork, and heart it – the snare, hands her fetters good before God will escape her, but the sinner will be caught it” /Ecclesiastes 7: 26/.

    By the way, there is a curious statement of Aeschylus (a playwright, an approximate contemporary of Socrates (90 years older)), said by him in response to a question about his attitude to women at the age of seventy-something: “I'm free of this mess, and I thank the gods for it.”

    Conclusion: both theses should be treated as jokes, keeping in mind. what is “in every joke …”, because I repeat that nature does not make suggestions to a person, to which he can respond as he pleases. it dictates what he should do and when (think of Schopenhauer's “Will and Representation”).

  7. Because in most cases, a woman's love is toxic.

    And given modern realities, girls confuse RELATIONSHIPS and benefits so much that they start shouting from every iron that a man “OWES” them just because she, so beautiful, deigned to spread her legs for him (by the way, there are such men among men).

  8. A woman's love is stronger than a man's, a woman does not give up even under the dictates of a man's strength and intelligence, even from a man's revenge and hatred, she can protect herself.

  9. Igor Krivenko is mostly right, I only forgot to mention that this is typical for the vast majority of the female sex, but not for everyone. Men are also programmed for mass insemination. But all other things being equal, he is obliged to be a breadwinner (in the thieves ' federation derailed) and is obliged to love her alone, that is, to deny himself his instincts, while the girl should not deny herself anything because she was brought up like this – she is a princess. She's a Princess (Barin) and you are a slave, I do not claim that this is the rule, but such cases when a man is loved simply for what he is, for the person for the soul, for how you feel with him (energy and not self-belief) count on your fingers. But this is love in its purest form, when you cut off phenotypes and other biological strays, cut off, God forgive me, money like dirt. Therefore, Socrates, who probably imagined the percentage of this holy substance among what people call “love” and understood that everything that is devoid of justice is devoid of the highest meaning and good, and therefore unfortunately expressed it this way. As you can see, this is not a man's solidarity, but a banal analysis, in modern society there is a hidden matriarchy, that is, discrimination, injustice from which the divine principle in a person turns up in any of its manifestations.

    The comedy club said : “If you want to make one woman happy, then you have to sacrifice one man.” This is not a dogma, you can do it differently, there is a different way, but stupidity is strong in our heads, not everyone can overcome it even with someone else's help.

  10. Because Socrates was an honest man to the core of his bones. And even, in his reasoning, he did not allow any inaccuracies and misinterpretations. He knew all too well the subject of discussion and the price of his life, and the price of a person. In these areas of activity, he was perfect and therefore he is still not surpassed by anyone.

  11. There is incommensurability between female and male love, incommensurability of demands and expectations. Male love is a part, it does not capture the whole being. Women's love is more holistic. A woman becomes possessed. This is the deadly danger of a woman's love. There is magic in a woman's love, but it is oppressive. And there is always a discrepancy with the ideal female image. Nikolay Berdyaev

  12. Because it's disarming. This is my personal opinion, and everyone decides for himself, because we are all different both spiritually and physically, by nature and do not need to imitate anyone, in this sense of life.

  13. With his quarrelsome wife, it was a good time to get involved in philosophy. Philosophy is good,but true love is a hundred times more stimulating.No one has ever died of true love unless they have just encountered the same hatred of a man.So someone was touched and someone remained without experiencing it.The philosophy of men and women will always be different.The source is different.

  14. Because in Greece, a pederastic culture was spread by the state, when all young boys should be sexually fucked by adult male “mentors”. Unlike Rome, where boys were raised as warriors and men from childhood, the degraded Greeks raised all their boys to be gentle and weak pederasts. But women in Greece were not considered people, just incubators for the birth of new people.

    This is the answer to your question why the Greeks despised women and everything connected with them, proclaiming only homosexuality.

  15. If we are talking about mutual love, then I will shock you a little. True female love is almost impossible to achieve. In a woman, the animal component of nature is very strong, and she can only truly love blood relatives. That is, only three men: a father, a brother, and a son. The husband, alas, most often does not fall into this list. They love their man extremely rarely, and they prefer to call” love ” a variety of experiences – for example, admiration, the hope of getting married, violent orgasms, trust, a sense of security, and so on and so forth. Most often, a woman confuses love with admiration – which, you will agree, is not love in the literal sense of the word.

  16. Because Socrates himself was very ill-tempered in family life – he had a very grumpy wife. That's why he said you'd either be happily married or become a philosopher…

  17. “And it shall pass away” King Solomon of Judah. If such conclusions have not passed by the publication date, then by today for sure. Love for children, parents, husband a terrible person is a woman.

  18. It is unpredictable, like any acute insanity, contradictory and completely illogical. In the maelstrom of passion, you can lose everything: money, time, health, nerves, life, ruin your career, end up with a broken trough in old age, die in poverty and disgrace. In a fight with a man, everything is clear. In the event of victory, joy, perhaps profit, but defeat at that time most often meant death in battle, which is worthy for a warrior.

  19. There is no clear answer to this eternally “sick” question about Love. Love is a state of Mind. When I was young, I thought I was in love, but as the years passed, I realized that it was passion, infatuation, passion, it passes.. True Love, it is mature when experienced and lived, it is based on past “experiences”.. She is quiet, thoughtful, calm, she just lives by her own laws. I have just such a Love. I wish you all to experience true Love.

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