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  1. Because in addition to the possible loss of meaning in translation(and in general,perhaps, an alien meaning for a different person from the Russian mentality), it is also necessary to PERFORM the translation. And, in general, because Tom Sawyer is also super-popular in Russia, and not at home

  2. Vile cartoons with a disgustingly squeaky girl with 2 teeth designed for oligophrenics. That's the whole answer )))

    Well, even in the pellets, someone clumsily parodies Papanov, not everyone understands this )))

  3. Because there are enough brilliant cartoons all over the world, especially for children. Their production is quite inexpensive, it is easier to draw your own than to bother with the rights and translation of others. On the other hand, if copyright holders want to sell their product to a foreign market, there is often a buyer. I do not know the domestic cuisine, but I think that Masha and the Bear wanted to sell to foreign markets, but Smesharikov did not.

  4. Intelligence in the mass melts. Masha and the Bear – it's a splint, and “Smeshariki” is Peter, well, in the sense of this.. cultural capital. They just can't make it easier;))) There are almost university topics for communication and without any snobbery. Text! “as someone here correctly said. But the advantage of “M & M” is not only in the universality of the pantomime language, but also in the successful interweaving of cultural content. For example, I am very pleased that Animacord did not hesitate to put an NKVD cap of the 30s on Masha and demonstrate the aesthetics of songs of that era, such as”Clouds go Gloomy On the border”. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but this is like a spit of creeping desovietization.

  5. Well, by the way, about the West, our people also drew cartoons based on many fairy tales from there. Moreover, it was often as close as possible to the original. Well, the same Carlson or the Jungle Book. These are Western fairy tales, stories. From American cartoons, I would single out the Simpsons, a lot of topical, serious topics. Smeshariki is not particularly popular, not because “there is no soul in the West and only a Russian person is Special”, it's more about some features of everyday life or something. By the way, there was an animated series “Gummy Bears”, of course not as deep as “Smeshariki”, but very wise for children. Yes, and in the theme of Smesharikov…I saw them for the first time when I was 11-12 years old and then I also looked at the form more, as an adult, I reviewed them, and they opened up from a new side. Many compatriots scold Smesharikov in 3d, i.e. Pin-code, and I think that this thing is just something fantastic, in simple language to tell complex things from physics, chemistry, biology. About the decay of uranium, the ion engine in the cartoon to tell it is necessary to manage. Smeshariki for min.obrazin is doing the job. Now they have a series of issues on financial literacy. You look and think: “this, damn it, should not be shown to children…”.

  6. I think “Masha and the Bear” is just longer on TV screens and everyone has already understood it. As for Smesharikov, I want to say that I am a fan of them, and they still have everything ahead of them!

  7. Author, you are slightly wrong. The peak of Smesharikov's popularity has passed, alas. And then they were very famous, including abroad. This was reported in the press. So they are almost 15 years old. And it was after them that all sorts of Luntikas, Fixiki went, well, a misunderstanding-Masha.

    Anyone who didn't understand the genius of Smeshariki, this modern educational series for children of primary preschool age, either didn't grow up to this age, or is unable to perceive subtle humor that matches English. 😉

    Well, anyone who admires the drawing of a Hedgehog in the fog, reviling the” unattractive ” drawing of Smesharikov, is generally a damn aesthete. Only it is not clear why in this case he should watch an educational series for preschool children? 😉

    And Smeshariki and for adults wow, what humor! How we still laugh at some phrases and moments! Many things have become popular and firmly established in everyday life. In general, I'm still a fan. I have branded badges, keychains, pillows, and a backpack. And they also gave me and my child cups and T-shirts with Smeshariki printed on them (they would buy branded ones, but my child outgrew the manufactured sizes, and then I remember there were sneakers and a cut.boots, and much more with Smeshariki). And I also bought a fabric with Smeshariki and sewed bed linen for the child. And the child also learned to read and count, etc. based on books from Smesharikov: Chitarik, Chit'arik, etc.

    In general, the next child is growing up, and I will soon be watching all the episodes again and singing songs from Smeshariki! 👍

  8. Tom Sawyer is popular with us because Smeshariki is only here. This is the ” White Race Worldview.” And it was written by a “White Englishman” – who did not fully accept the ideology of”merchants”.

  9. I'm not sure why. But in the West, for some reason, such cartoons go away. There is, for example, such an American animated series “Life with Louie”. Good, kind, smart, funny. And for some reason it is almost never seen. And I haven't seen it in Russian for a long time. Although the translation and voice acting are very good.

  10. Masha and the Bear is a great animated series, but it is closer to the west in its essence.

    Oh, Smeshariki is too Russian animated series, not a caricature Russian, like Masha and the Bear, but Russian in its essence. Many cultural references (for example, references to Pushkin) in Smeshariki will be incomprehensible to the average American.

    It was in the countries of the BSSR, and not in the West, that “secret games”were widespread.

    As in the case of the game Sublustrum, the West simply has not yet understood Russian sentimentality. But, someday he will understand because Western and Russian culture are identical to each other.

  11. Because in the children's animated series “Masha and the Bear” a hidden desire is realized – ” to be accepted and loved as you are without adjustment. This is what both adults and even more children want. After all, Masha always gets “her way”, and Misha helps her out and forgives her everything. For many, this desire remains unfulfilled from childhood. In addition, it is really very dynamic and emotionally realistic, unlike “Tom and Jerry”. Selling ” dreams of relationships . the ones we all want.”

  12. I think it's only a matter of time. Masha and the Bear is just an infectious film with a very oppressive color scheme. In general, the picture and sound are very important for children – both are rich here, and what is the semantic load-it makes no difference. Moreover, Masha and the Bear is a brand and even more popular. It's all about advertising. So Malysharikov was not promoted as much as they did with Masha and the Bear. Moreover, the latter name is very, so to speak, folklore and folk.
    I agree. “Malyshariki” is 100 times better. I have as many as 4 pelmyash have to periodically babysit children and watch cartoons with them. Masha and the Bear-just put out your eye. But in “Malyshariki” there are a lot of educational moments for children, although the melody then makes my head buzz. This cartoon is not only fun for children while mom is busy, but also teaching the child basic knowledge.

  13. Perhaps because there is no genius in Smeshariki. For children, the meaning is incomprehensible, for adults it is banal, and an adult will not watch it without a child. Yes, and it is drawn unattractively. Smeshariki and at home something has not gained popularity, and even abroad, where it is also necessary to translate, especially.

    “Masha…” on the contrary-just the perfect family movie. In it, various situations between a child and a parent are presented in such a way that both parents are funny and the child is interested.

    Bottom line: “Smeshariki” – not interesting for either the child or the parent – is unpopular. “Masha” – interesting for both – popular.

  14. I don't see any genius in smeshariki, the animated series is instructive and deep, suitable for one or two types of people's temperament, and it doesn't hurt for adults. It makes you think, philosophize, and delve. But with the fact that a brilliant bust. Masha and the Bear is suitable for children with a completely different type of temperament in my opinion, or develops other traits. Directs you to be active and carefree. And for me, for younger children. As a result: the first one is intended for a narrower audience than the cartoon about Masha. And the theme of Russian fairy tales in the West is not yet so developed, so they became popular as pioneers of their kind.

  15. Yuri Tarelko

    Because “Masha, Medved, Vodka, Balalaika”.

    I absolutely agree with the previous speaker. 🙂

    All kinds of “Masha” with “bears” and “matryoshka” with “balalaika” contain the usual symbol of Russia. It is authentic and typically Russian. At the same time, it is positive. This explains everything, nmv.�

    The most popular cartoons in the world are those about gunpowder and dragons, and our Snake Gorynych does not roll as an export. Again – a negative hero, like Baba Yaga.

    Dragons were also popular in Europe, but both there and here they carry a negative image, and in the East – a positive one, so they took root there as a symbol of the country.�

    But this is my own hypothesis about the popularity of the positive symbol. I might be wrong.

  16. Remember:” What is good for a Russian is death for a German.” And vice versa. We have our own special mentality. Our products are usually brought to the Western market, but the West is characterized by entertainment. An animated series is a Show. It should be more entertaining and not load your brain. And most often their humor is more material or something. (For example, beating Tom and Jerry.) I can't speak for all countries, but I personally don't recall translating any Western cartoon into Russian where the humor was in words. Or you should have guessed. That is, listening. You decide whether it's funny or not. Here, as it were, you need to think more. And Smeshariki exactly make you think and philosophize yourself, though in a childish form. Can you think of any Western cartoon that would be a Bomb and at the same time a Wise philosophy? Moreover, we have our own humor, not Western. As a result, the mass consumer will have nothing to catch on to.

    Yes, and Smeshariki were made, more for adults. Not everything will be clear to children. For example, the series “My Charm”, where under the perfume My charm from which everyone climbs on you like crazy (Quote from Sovunya), you mean Perfume with pheromones, and that you can't buy Love and recognition with such tricks. And the humor is very adult.�

    And Masha and the Bear does not carry any special philosophical load. It is built according to the same scheme as Tom and Jerry. That is, Masha performs physical actions and from her actions it becomes funny. No need to guess at the meaning of the joke. This simplicity makes it understandable to many people.

    I do not know if Smeshariki was translated into Japanese, but here I am surprised that they did not like it so much. (Although, I do not know. I didn't talk to the Japanese.) The mentality is close to ours. For the same reason, they reshot our Cheburashka, and they really liked it. Japanese humor is built on the same principle as ours.

    For me personally, it is often not funny from Western cartoons. But humor in anime is often funny and entertaining.

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