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  1. This experiment is almost completely falsified. Serious methodological and methodological errors were made during its implementation and description, which, in fact, is not surprising, because Calhoun is not a scientist.

  2. In my very subjective opinion, everything that happened to the mice there was because they could not live their full mouse life, they were kept in prison. It was the experimenters who decided that they live the best life and not the mice themselves, no one asked the mice what kind of life they want to live. Scientists came up with a context, immersed mice in this context, and then made a conclusion from this conctext. And at the same time, they also compared the mice with humans and said this is what will happen to us. Well, if scientists consider themselves mice, then so be it with them, we are a little bit not mice. And ideal conditions do not exist in reality. This is what these scientists are missing in this experiment.

  3. It seems to me that mice adapted in normal life to strict natural selection by predators and compensating for losses by a high birth rate, once in ideal conditions, were morally disoriented. They tried to adapt to the new conditions, but the lack of physical elimination of unsuccessful options, from the point of view of the usual living conditions for mice, led to the degradation of the entire community and its death. By the way, regarding humanity, the replacement of one people by others is carried out in a similar way. Those who are replaced receive humanism, which allows them to give birth and raise children even for those who, according to nature's plan, should not have them, they pull out hopeless patients who reduce the general level of health of the population, and reduce the birth rate through family planning. Imported goods are not deprived of all this. Hunger keeps people on the move, and a high birth rate compensates for high mortality, which increases the population's adaptation to local conditions and diseases. And organized export from the country to the country of replacement frees up the territory for the birth of a new population and reduces the impact of epidemics that spread with excessive population density.

  4. De facto happening already) From time immemorial, it was hunger, cold, danger, competition and war (well, even envy and greed) that motivated people to try to do something, build something, go somewhere, invent-and generally move from a place. Dissatisfaction, desire for something different and more, rejection of the present situation-hunger in every sense. And the aggression it generates in every sense.

    The absence of all this makes him a dull and well-fed animal, seeking annoyance purely for the purpose of pleasure on the simplest levels-as a result of satiety. And then consumption begins to turn into an art.

  5. The fact is that there is no detailed description of the experiment or it is very difficult to find it (I never found it).
    It seems that in the cave there were 256 nests for up to 15 mice and a feeder / drinker in the center. But in several descriptions, I found that these nests were not equivalent. It seems that they were located on different levels. I also met information that the passages (made in the form of tubes) were narrow, which could cause collisions(how do I find out who should give way to whom?).
    There is no data on the number of mice by day.
    From the description of the experiment, it clearly follows that the cause of the extinction was intraspecific aggression.
    At first, the males who occupied the best nests, defending their territory and offspring, began to show aggression towards young males.
    It is not clear what led to aggression, perhaps just the movement of another individual in the direction of an aggressive male.
    At first, the young animals behaved passively, but after a while they also began to show aggression.
    Males quickly adapted to the situation of constant danger of attack, namely, they became passive.
    Since mice tend to roam everywhere, with the connivance of male “homeowners”, there are more and more invasions of nests. In response to this, females with offspring began to drive away uninvited guests. I.e. aggressively behave. Soon their aggression spread to the offspring.
    That is, by and large, the animals fought for territory and personal space. The natural adaptation in this situation was passive behavior – ate, drank, slept, p0sr@L. This is what happened to the poor mice.
    It is not a fact that the same thing would happen to people. People may well come up with rules for themselves, etc. Although they may well kill each other. They do this much more skillfully than mice.
    Nevertheless, we have more and more individuals who are engaged only in “licking” their skin every day.

  6. Based on the known conditions, the mice died from overpopulation and lack of intelligence. Their psyche has broken down as far as it applies to mice, and the transfer of experience and behavior to the next generations has been disrupted.

    As noted in one of the comments, mice were placed in conditions for which they are not evolutionarily ready, it is impossible to develop adaptations in such a narrow time frame, and there is no intelligence to find a way out. There are millions of such extinctions in the history of the Earth.

    A person may also not have time to adapt to some changes if the plasticity of his intelligence is not enough for this.

  7. You probably don't understand the whole point of this experiment. I'll try to explain it to you.

    The fact is that mice are extremely primitive creatures, sharpened only for one thing-for survival. For this reason, by creating ideal conditions for them, they begin to perform their only function – to reproduce.

    The problem is that the life span of mice and their low mortality rate do not correlate with their evolutionary adaptation. They have no reason to multiply further, because the area does not allow it. Also, the low mortality rate, to which mice are also evolutionarily accustomed (hence the wild birth rate), does not allow.

    And this is where the problems begin, the mice have fulfilled their main function, but their primitive brain does not allow them to develop further. They simply do not know what can and should be done in peaceful conditions.

    In fact, the mice in this experiment are forced to go through an evolution that takes millions of years in a couple of days. For this reason, they simply cannot physically adapt to such wild conditions for them, their mental system fails and they do not die, they simply stop living.

    And now to the man. A person will never die out, getting into ideal conditions. And all because he has a much more developed brain, which is adapted to both wild conditions and comfortable ones.

    In the wild, a person will strive to survive like a mouse, and once in comfortable conditions, he will already begin to develop. Philosophy, science, the industrial revolution, man has evolved over the centuries, living in comfortable conditions.

    However, I would like to point out an extremely important and most interesting conclusion from the experiment.

    This experiment is the most obvious proof that animals are controlled not by instincts, but by intelligence! The proof of this is that when the pretty mice that refused to breed were transferred back to a new territory, they also refused to reproduce, which is completely contrary to all instincts.

  8. This revealing question makes it possible to draw readers ' attention to system errors in modern sciences. After all, science is still based on erroneous ideas about:

    • Darwinian theories of evolution, etc.;

    • the fact that experiments on laboratory mice can also be judged on their impact on humans;

    • According to the theory of modernization of already dying capitalist social relations, it is difficult for scientists to free themselves from the domination of scientific misconceptions. Examples: Errors in Einstein's theory of relativity, which were pointed out by N. Tesla; the use of the outdated theory of psychoanalysis by Z. Freud, about 600 modernizations of which still preserve the mistakes of its creator, etc. “scientific knowledge”. Therefore, even evidence-based medicine does not know that people are fundamentally different not only from animals, but even among themselves (divided into 1,600 psychogenetic types (not to be confused with the erroneous term in psychology)).

    Therefore, animal experiments only push science on the wrong track. And the creation of a service person for experiments will also not be crowned with success until the moment of scientific insight.

    Answering the question, I note that even if it were possible to organize such an experiment with real pairs of people (similar to the DIRECTED show behind glass), those born behind glass would always become better than their parents, despite the genetic scarcity of experimental subjects. This means that science does not yet understand the true mechanisms of human evolution. Moreover, according to the same laws, not only the inhabitants of other planets evolve, but also the entire Intelligent part of the Universe.

  9. It won't happen. By the way, there were rats in the experiment. The general trends of humanity and experimental rats will be, however, a person has creative potential. When hedonism gets too much, people will start inventing, building, writing, singing, and dancing…

  10. it seems to me that this experiment has shown all the relativity of such a good as abundance for earthly beings. This also applies to humans. Carnal thoughts are death. Without access to the spiritual life + provision of all benefits = creation is doomed to degeneration. There would be bread and clothes – and would eat lying down-a Russian folk proverb. The struggle for existence, work, and the problems of life are to some extent salutary and make a person stay afloat.

    The well-fed life of spoiled egoists like us leads to degeneration. This is because we live in a world where everything is born through suffering and difficulties. This is a certain plan of the Creator, the essence of which is correction, education, lesson, experience.

    If our world were to suddenly become completely plentiful, many people would be like pigs who lose even the ability to stand on their feet due to excessive nutrition, or rats from a well-known experiment in which a rat, pressing a button, received pleasure through an electrode implanted in its brain; the rat pressed the button until it died of exhaustion.

    There is one story that I read on the pages of the Internet about how the Japanese wanted to establish a fresh fish business in Europe – no matter what good conditions they created for the fish during the trip, it died. We tried everything until we put a predatory fish in the container with the fish – thanks to the predators, the fish survived, it had to move the rolls and all that.

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