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  1. It's all slang. One of the functions of slang is to emphasize the attitude to a particular social group: students, schoolchildren, teenagers, drug addicts, mathematicians. It quickly appears and quickly “dies” – it goes out of use. This is not so much fashion as generational change and the characteristic of slang – to quickly become obsolete.

    It's hard for me to say anything about new words. I don't think I can speak the language of today's teenagers anymore. I would say “guy” and” fucking great “instead of both “cool” and”macho”. Yes, I'm a rotten philologist.

    Any student can handle the second part of the question better than I can)

  2. They are out of fashion because generations are changing, some words lose their relevance due to the changed time, become obsolete, lose their emotional color, and are replaced by fresher, and thus more expressive ones.�

    “Pahan” was relevant in the 90s, 2000s, (krim., jarg.) the leader of a criminal group; a criminal with power, authority; (jargon) father, parent; (jargon) head, supervisor, boss

    More or less similar in meaning and actual papik.

    **«Macho – often began to be used in a sarcastic sense, and therefore morally outdated, lost its original emotional color. Replaced with “* * Alpha**,Alfach. ** Although these are also often used sarcastically.

    Cool ” �** – still more or less relevant, but “cool,nice,nishtyak,top“**is used as a substitute.

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