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  1. Self-sacrifice AFTER childbirth, of course, reduces the chances of offspring, but not so cool that just all died out.

    Well, Danil rightly wrote: the altruistic behavior of some individuals as a whole is useful to the environment. A. Markov writes well about this both in ” Human Evolution “and, earlier, in” The Birth of Complexity”: they behave altruistically, even to the point of self-sacrifice, usually in relation to” their own”, that is, for almost the entire history – relatives, carriers of the same gene pool.

    The inventors of patriotism as an ideology and other ideological tricks simply pick up and exploit this ancient mechanism, sharpened to protect and promote not so much an individual set of genes, but the entire community of carriers of the corresponding pool, set. So normally, a particular person dies, but his genome gets additional chances; and part of the survivability, the greater chances of this genome , is precisely in the appearance of such berserkers among its carriers)

  2. PEOPLE are not divided into ready and not ready for self-sacrifice:

    this very simplified everyday low-scientific vocabulary should be replaced with a much more accurate comparative one – all people are more or less ready for self-sacrifice.

    With a refined scientific approach, the question loses its meaning.

  3. What do you mean ready-made? Any person is ready for both meanness, stupidity, and self-sacrifice, altruism and other actions called a feat in the modern moral paradigm. The question of the situation and the values that a person puts above his life. By the way, as a rule, this is just taking care of children and family. Hence, just the opposite situation. The offspring of those who can give their lives for them are better protected.

    And people, they are different. Moreover, at different times different to the contrary. Today he steals, tortures cats, beats his wife, tomorrow he throws himself under a tank with a grenade. There are enough examples

    Natural selection has nothing to do with ideals, since the latter are the result of upbringing, and the former is biology.

    Rather, we can ask whether there can be ideologies that demand sacrificial death from their adherents. Or will the ideology die out along with the real, true believers in it? Judging by communism, it looks like it.

  4. Natural selection is when the strongest, the most cunning, the meanest wins-evolutionists, supporters of Darwin, they are atheists. In fact, the walls of the universe are more complex than any idea of it.

  5. Every person at every moment of life is free to choose between good and evil. Everyone is capable of sacrificing themselves. This is not some other kind of person whose traits are inherited.

  6. “Why didn't self-sacrificing humans become extinct through natural selection?”

    The answer lies in the question itself.;)

    If they are not extinct, then this property is useful for the survival of the species. It is also important to understand that this behavior trait is inherent only in a (small) part of human society.

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