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  1. Men have a great desire for self-sacrifice and struggle for leadership, and here on the site you can just assert yourself, show off your mind, argue with someone. Women are less interested in this.

  2. Yes, not 80. There are just as many women here. It's just that their nicknames may not indicate whether they are a guy or a girl, and you immediately attributed them to guys, since the nickname does not indicate their gender.

  3. Indeed, even less than 20% of the top experts in the commentator rating are women.

    There are several reasons for this.

    Unfriendly can be called as it is written above-the desire to assert oneself, to increase one's status in the tribe, like sheep butting horns in a pack when they are full and drunk.

    The following psychological reasons can be offered in a friendly and objective way::

    1. Men (as well as women) strive to be useful, to take care of, to help, to teach. How many generations of grandparents spent their entire lives caring for the farm, livestock, poultry, and children.

    But men had a division of zones with women – men were always focused on the outside world, behind the fence of the house, where they went for the whole day. And even on watch – for the whole season, hunting, war, trade trip.

    And women are focused on the home circle of guardianship. Help for “your own people”.

    Q is an analog of the outside world, where everything is unfamiliar and you help not your own, but others'.

    1. More than half of Q's responses are not help, but a game of fighting: “friend-foe”, where the motivation “excitement of battle” or “fight for justice”, for order, works.

    How the famous slogan “Order above all else” (Ordnung uber alles)led men into battle in the last century

    Girls, as an equal right, “fight for supremacy” in their family and” justice ” prefer to build in a more practical place – at home. Which is really a more efficient way to spend your energy.

  4. So I forbade it. I wrote to every girl on this resource that it is impossible to answer questions, because we have a patriarchy and their opinion is not taken into account. Plus, I persuaded the coder so that only a certain percentage of girls could answer questions.
    In fact, watermelons respond more often, because there are more of them on the site (most likely, because I haven't seen The Question statistics in my eyes).

  5. Education. Mothers put a crown on their daughters ' heads from childhood, convince them that they are princesses, admire and are touched. Childhood passes, and the crown fuses tightly with the skull and takes root in the brain. To search for answers to questions, you need to think, and they only know how to Google.

  6. I sometimes hesitate to leave my answers, because it seems to me that my opinion is not quite competent or even nobody really needs it. But, as I see it, some men are not at all shy about writing some kind of heresy in their answers. In short, can it be because girls are more shy in expressing their opinion?.. (stereotypes, social roles, I'm not a feminist)

  7. And from where such statistics 80%? Almost every question has a female answer and more than one. For example, experts don't respond immediately. I had a question about raising a girl, so before it was given an adequate answer, I had to read the garbage that men wrote. Most men's responses are not related to the fact that they are smarter, but to the fact that they are more determined and are not afraid of criticism when they answer. Questions about psychology, relationships, or “what do you think..?” are inherently more interesting, they are not so easy to Google, the Internet gives definitely formulated answers, while information about science, politics, and history is much more clear and specific.

    A couple of days ago, I asked the question ” What is hidden aggression and how not to fall under its influence?” 0 replies, 1 stupid comment from a man.

  8. Because this is not only the case on this resource.

    This world in general, by and large, is created by men and, accordingly, its problems and structure are more understandable to men, with all due respect to women.

    No one forbids women to answer questions and does not encroach on equality, but historically, in the most interesting issues, such as politics, art, science , etc., there are more male specialists, just somewhere in the declared percentage.

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