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  1. Since the answers above reflect only a monotheistic point of view, I think the reader will be amused by my reasoning, BUT:

    In polytheism, the love of the gods is not a mandatory parameter. The relationship between gods and humans is based on contractual terms, and they can be loved, feared, admired, or hated. It all depends on the situation. Do you like fire? When he warms us up in nature, and helps us in cooking – of course. And when he burns down our house? It's time to hate him at this moment.

  2. Out of thousands of believers, only a few people love God. Others are afraid of him or ask him for something (material or spiritual). Someone just blindly worships, because “it is necessary”. Sincere and pure love is very rare in Kali Yuga.

  3. Most interesting. According to the Bible, people only suffered from it. Apparently�Stockholm syndrome. The most interesting thing is that according to the Bible, people would have remained in slavery if the serpent had not intervened)

  4. Everyone is looking for support and comfort in different things. Many people find it in the Supreme. And support and comfort leads to the manifestation of love.

  5. For what? Why? Why do children love their parents???? I am sure that there are very few people in the world who believe the atheistic fables of SCIENCE : That here they say Bang Bang the universe began to expand then out of nothing oplya Mother Earth appeared!!! And then again There was nothing but since Very Smart people want that Oplya infusoria shoe was drawn and there and not far from the person. As soon as the lightning hit the shoe on the head, her eyes popped out. And the evolution went proudly on the planet… But this is utter nonsense . Why do people cling to this nonsense so much why is this nonsense so dear to the heart? That's a different story. To my great satisfaction, more and more people on Earth understand that there is a Higher Power, Intelligence, to which we owe our appearance in this world under this Sun. Most intelligent people call this Power this Intelligence the word God. How can you not love your parents? Earth planet is a comic ship that can be said to be a home in an infinitely cruel and hostile space. Only a loving Father could create such conditions for a person's life.

  6. I would divide all believers into two types: people brought up in the faith, who are ABSOLUTELY sure of the existence of God, and those who have come to religion, for whom religion gives peace of mind (people who have experienced a tragedy, lost loved ones). For a sincere believer, the existence of God is as objective as the sunrise, they simply cannot imagine a world without God. For people who seek comfort, the existence of God is necessary because he gives them comfort.

    And here we come to a very interesting point: as a rule, religious fanatics are people who are hungry for comfort. The fact is that the faith of a sincere believer cannot be shaken. If you tell him that there is no God, he will just laugh at you, for him it is as ridiculous as saying that the Earth has a triangular shape. People who find solace in religion in the depths of their hearts are still afraid that all this may not be true and any criticism of their religion is perceived as an attack on themselves, i.e. you are not criticizing religion now,but taking away hope personally from him.

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