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  1. I don't quite agree with the previous answers, because these are the consequences, not the cause itself. The reasons may be various quarrels that arise on the basis of any disagreements, disagreements in this or that issue(event/case) between friends, or the friendship itself has exhausted itself and there is less and less common between you, which previously gave impetus to the formation of your friendship.

  2. I can add more )

    It often happens that people, having different ideas about friendship, namely about their personal relationships to each other, perceive their relationships differently. They have different hopes, but in the end they are disappointed, because their expectations are not met.

    For example, a common situation : one party thought that here they are best friends forever, and this is the most important thing in life, that preference should always be given to each other, that each other comes first. And the other party has other priorities in life, so his / her family is more important. Naturally, when this second party finds a mate, the friend fades into the background, which does not fit in with the life position of that very friend or girlfriend. Then there are conflicts, quarrels, enmity.

  3. I join the previous answer. And I add: the most valuable thing that friendship gives – trust-is collapsing. I would say that the foundations are being shaken, and it is quite natural that, being alone, a person sees everything as a threat to their security. In such situations, it feels like the whole world is turning on you. But the specific enemy is the one who betrayed or failed. There are no complaints about other people who are not so dear and close. But the “former” looks like the center of evil and danger, because he brought down a whole piece of the world with his actions or words.

  4. You tell your best friends everything about yourself that your parents or your other half will never know about you. And when a person knows everything about you, it's easy to get hurt. If you fight with this person, you are very worried that he will reveal your secrets, and therefore other people will find out where your weak spot is. The reason for your hatred is the inability to control information about you coming from another person.

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