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  1. In my opinion, this is just a myth.

    Well, that is, I do not know of a single case when cats would really purposefully shit in sneakers. Cats generally tend to hide their own excrement. And yes, if for some reason they are not satisfied with the tray (some cats are wildly capricious in this matter, some owners do not follow enough, etc.), they can shit somewhere in the corner and dig up everything that they find nearby. Well, yes, including sneakers, they are usually on the floor. But cats in this matter are not picky. If you throw a silk dress on the floor, they'll dig it up with a silk dress.

  2. because you need to monitor the hygiene of your feet and the condition of your shoes. An unpleasant shoe smell can cause the animal to become dissociated from the toilet. and you know the consequences.

  3. I have such an assumption that since people do not mark their territory, and do not pee, but actively sweat, a concentrated essence accumulates in their sneakers, resembling the traces left in such situations.

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