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  1. Because Jesus Christ is God – the Son of God, the second person of the Most Holy Trinity.

    “The name Son of God means the only, eternal connection of Jesus Christ with God His Father: He is the Only Begotten Son of the Father and God Himself. To believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God is necessary to be a Christian, ” we read in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

    “The Divine Persons do not share a single Divinity, but each of Them is God as a whole:” The Father is the same as the Son, the Son is the same as the Father, the Son and the Father are the same as the Holy Spirit, that is, one God by nature.” “Each of the three persons is this reality, that is, the Divine essence, being, or being.” The Divine Persons are really different from each other. “God is one, but not alone.” “Father”, “Son”, “Holy Spirit” are not just names denoting the types of Divine existence, for they are really different from each other: “He who is the Son is not the Father, and He who is the Father is not the Son, and the Holy Spirit is not He Who is the Father or the Son.” They differ in Their original relationship: “The Father begets, the Son is begotten, the Holy Spirit proceeds.” Divine Unity Is Threefold” (KCC, 253-254).

  2. It was like this: before creating the entire visible and invisible world, God made laws. Well, like a plan or project. The main law is: the penalty for sin is death.�

    So the sinful man Adam had to be put to death, and that was the end of it. But God, instead of killing Adam and Eve, gives his son Christ as a sacrifice. Thus observing its basic law. Therefore, a person asks Christ for help in obtaining eternal life.

  3. Because that's what God the Father wanted. He announced it Himself. And in the prophecies, of which there are so many, and when Jesus was baptized: This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased (Matthew 3: 17).

    Benevolence is a good will, a good desire. Jesus is the Right Hand of God (sat down at the right hand of God – at the right hand). And, as you know, everything we do, we do it with the right hand. The right hand is the main performer of our ideas and desires.

    In general, this was intended by God from the very beginning.

    If you go a little deeper into some details, then, judging by the Bible, you can explain as follows::

    God is Spirit, i.e., the Desire for Life, Love. Jesus is the Truth, i.e. the True Word of Love and the fulfillment of that Word.

    Where there is Love, there is Truth, and where there is Truth, there is Love – One cannot exist without the other.

    So, to come to Love, you need to fulfill the conditions of Truth. There's no other way. The path to Love is only through the Truth (through lies will not work). This is a prerequisite for Love.

    Therefore, anyone who wants to receive the help of Jesus needs to understand Who they are turning to and not try to cheat with Him-this is immediately a failure.

    Holiness is separation from falsehood. And lying is the active arm (muscle) of Satan. Through lies, all evil enters the world.

    And Jesus prayed, as he did everything else, to show people a visible example. I think so.

  4. Interestingly, even Jesus did not teach us to pray to Him personally, but to pray to the Father in His (Jesus') name. Even the “Our Father” prayer is about the same thing, only it doesn't end with “In the name of Jesus Christ.” Even in the councils of prayer, it is written to pray to the Father who is in secret, and he who sees in secret will reward openly.

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