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  1. They already gave a good answer here,but I want to add my own look.

    Good girls can sometimes be somewhat insecure.They begin to think that they are not worthy of a good guy and he will never be with her, because why should he be so flawed when there are so many nice girls around and besides?And such a man, himself with shortcomings, lost, unhappy, will love her for what she is, because she is better than him, she will save him,cleanse him of his sins and put him on the right path and he will be grateful to her-it seems to girls.

    Another reason may be that the bad guy has no brakes at all,so he is quite proactive when being a good guy is delicate.In addition to this, the bad guy is quite aggressive, tough, so he seems to be a defender,which also attracts.

  2. In addition to gambling and low self-esteem, there are several other factors that influence this mysterious female craving for “bad boys”:

    1. One of the most common female misconceptions in relation to men: “I will change it, infa 100%”. Well, that is, he is now such a womanizer and night hooligan, and with her, of course, he will change.
    2. As a child, a woman may have developed a very neurotic relationship with her father. And she had built up an understanding that you need to earn his love and attention, suffer, and then, perhaps, everything will be fine. This develops into a kind of psychological credo on which her relationships with men in adulthood will be based. Or rather: she will repeatedly choose “bad guys” who offend, do not call, whose attention needs to be earned.
  3. I'll probably tell many girls the truth now, and probably not some guys will emphasize the meaning of my “fable” A bad boy is a bully by nature and lives within certain limits and in that area sees life that has been hammered into him since childhood.And why did YOU even think that such guys might like a modest girl? But such people are especially attracted to hooligans.So, dear ladies, since childhood, the head has its own rules and he will follow them.Neelza generally spoil the cute, homely and charming inside girls.He is initially brought up so that he will not contact the charmer because this type of girl stands as the standard of the one whom he will marry, a decent and very good girl in all respects, but this will be when he will satisfy his hunger.And such boys will always be taken into account by women's views, and as a rule, a bully is born in the family of a bully and a cute mother, from whom he will take a smart and decent nature in the future. relationships based on personal interest.And the father will pass on a sense of respect and experience in life and many things that he will consider the basis of his behavior,and plus these are excellent genetic makings that he will develop in himself.So, he will walk clearly, but everything will be like a game according to the rules of the father, which he passes on to his son,and the son will only improve and modernize the equipment transferred to him.Yes, 30 girls is an experience,and here you need to try as much as possible all the tepazhi of women.After 70 girls, he should stop counting them and already find a permanent partner because from now on he gets experience in living together, a couple it starts only in order to find out how it happens lapping characters and mutual respect.In fact, he was brought up from childhood that the girl is not a rival and you can not fight with her,but she needs protection.But it happens all sorts of things in life and bream snatched.I personally have always avoided virgins and decent girls,but of course there are exceptions.It happens that you see that there are”demons”sitting in it and release them on the gun being already experienced in this regard can of course bring you to the temptation and step on it.But here you need to both understand that he will disappear from her life as soon as he leaves her in otsheny and then what will happen to her nay, the question is on the bad guy's conscience.I made mistakes and it doesn't paint.But here's what you need to know for sure, every girl needs to meet her bully in life because he can give her a lot as an adviser with a street view of life and if he is just like that, then he will not allow anyone to fool her and even more offend her, unless of course he will not offend himself.Such are the hooligans of the people who correctly understood what was required of them in childhood.Fortunately, there are a lot of such hooligans, and not rednecks who spoil the whole picture of the world of a boy who grew up correctly.The end of the Fable

  4. Bad boys have nothing to do with it)

    Roughly and briefly, girls have such a stereotype of thinking that they do not need to invest in dating, relationships, communication, entertainment. They put all this on the guys by default.

    The thinking of a girl is similar to the thinking of animals in this context, if she experiences constant rises of positive emotions from communicating with a guy, then no matter what the boy is bad or good, she will be drawn to such a person in order to get more emotions and sensations.

  5. Conflict theory in action. The bad boys contrast with the rest – they stand out. It just so happens that women are susceptible to external effects, especially in adolescence. In adults, this craving disappears, not without visual experience, of course.�

    There's also the fact that the bad guys, who are also rebels, have the courage to go against the rules, which is also attractive if you don't dig deeper. Again, at a more adult age, the ability to keep a balance is already appreciated, where you need to show firmness and be a man, and in another case be flexible. And breaking the rules in order to stand out doesn't work anymore, because it doesn't create anything, just a naked show-off.

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