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  1. It's simple enough. A girl of the usual type (not a kid ), wants moderate dominance, she needs an “alpha”. Bad boy himself takes her for a walk, bad boy does not stand on ceremony, even if he listens to his girlfriend, he fulfills her wishes in his own way. This is what most girls need. This applies to the behavior of almost all bad guys.Good guys are most often “betas”. They constantly listen to girls, they perform everything perfectly and do not include their position in the relationship. Girls don't like it for the reason that it is stupid to get tired of it. In the end, the girl will start waiting for the initiative from the partner, and you will not expect such a thing from the beta guy. And sometimes girls themselves do not understand what they want, so, again, in a relationship of the usual type, the initiative should come from the guys. And that's what they usually find in the ” bad ” guys. And yes, Arthur is right. Finished marginals are slightly different, do not confuse them.�
    Good luck in your relationship.

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