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  1. There are several explanations.

    1. You're trying to get her attention. Therefore, you start talking loudly, “cackle” like a madman, and make a lot of sudden movements. At a certain point, stop, evaluate your behavior from the outside and answer yourself the question: is this my behavior that this girl might like? Do I look intrusive and weird? Am I really like this? Most often, the answer is no. Calm down and try (as much as possible) to behave more naturally.

    2. You're not sure of yourself. You think that your character, behavior can not attract a girl, so you try to “build something out of yourself”. Are you comfortable? The same rule applies here as in the previous paragraph: calm down-think-behave naturally.�

    3. You're trying to show that you don't like her. Here again, self-doubt speaks, so that no one will laugh, etc. Nothing that you like about a girl – нет no. The worst thing that can happen is rejection. But not the fact that because of this, your life will go downhill. Most likely, you will learn useful experience, and in the future you will take into account some nuances. Perhaps your feelings will be reciprocated, and everything will end well.�

    Don't be afraid to be yourself!

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