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  1. It seems to me that a girl who you really like and will be kind and nice to you will make you stop at some point. Yes, and maybe you're being mean because it's part of your communication style. Be yourself, that's the best way. The main thing is not to mow down for anyone and not to deceive yourself.

  2. It's just that these girls are easily accessible, which means that relationships with them are devalued. We hang an expensive picture in a beautiful frame on the wall and save it, but we throw away the wrapper.

  3. On the contrary, the more you like a girl, the more you try to be nice to her? So this truth has long been known. As the saying goes, the less we love a woman, the more she likes us. So, I think this applies to both sexes. And how to get around this trick is another question. Either you need a strong willpower, which in some sense is self-deception. Or score and do as the soul suggests.

    There is also such a theory…�
    If a person initially low self – esteem- maybe he will be suspicious of the fact that you treat him well, considers that it is�
    1) mockery, because “everyone can see how I look and what I really am stupid people”
    2) I think that the person who is nice to him so to speak “low-ranking” because “how will you pay attention for such as I am, then this man pay attention to me and he like me or even worse.” �But this is just my opinion )

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