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  1. From the point of view of the existential tradition, the life of any person is formed in a collision with the givens of existence: the lack of an obvious meaning of life, freedom, to which we are in some sense doomed, loneliness (you can not share with others their or their experiences 100%) and death. In whatever culture, in whatever century a person lived, he thought about why and for what reasons he exists, and that someday he will not be.�

    We don't know what will happen there, beyond the line, but we know that sooner or later we will go there ourselves. The fear of death is one of the general anxieties of human existence. Under favorable circumstances, we develop a variety of compensatory mechanisms that allow us to cope with it. In particular, all religions and spiritual teachings somehow answer the question of what will happen after death. We humans need these answers so that we can find the one that will calm us down a little.

    Despite the possibilities of compensating for this anxiety, it never goes away for good. More often, we simply do not see or feel it, as we carefully shield our consciousness from it. Even the certainty that you can get rid of it completely and forever is nothing more than a manifestation of psychological defenses. Apparently, this anxiety is a very terrible thing, if you want to believe that you can make it absolutely invalid for your own life.�

    At some points (for example, during or after events that are associated with death, as in your case, this is probably riding and flying) this anxiety from the depths of the subconscious floats closer to the surface, and then we have specific dreams, philosophical ideas, films or events that can shed light on this issue begin to attract attention, and thoughts about our own demise appear that seem not to inspire horror, but rather obsessive.�

    All people at least sometimes think about death and how it can come and feel. It's just that we don't talk about it. Because it's still scary.

  2. When I imagine something terrible, I just don't want to go to work, but there are no valid reasons and I start to suspect the risks and probability of death, the most favorable location, and so on. Well, also because of boredom.

  3. You can show off a good imagination and that's great. Most likely, you do not have enough adrenaline, vivid impressions in the routine of your days, so you get pictures that excite your mind. This is common to many people.�
    You may have agoraphobia – an intolerance to rest, motor restlessness (read more information on this topic if you are interested).�

    By the way, such feelings prove that there are close and loving people in your life, for whom you are an incredibly important person. On a personal example: before meeting/dating my boyfriend, I used to carelessly wander around the city all alone until morning, but now it's scary to walk to the store at seven in the evening. So you can explain your fears with such a pleasant combination of circumstances:)

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