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  1. I have two theories about tears at the sight of good things.

    1. Tears as a relief. Here is an ordinary person, and he expects people to treat him in a friendly and kind way. Here he is faced with an unfriendly and spiteful attitude. His expectations were shattered. In a conditional norm, a person should grieve this loss – cry out, get offended, get upset and live these emotions. But if he can't grieve his loss, tension builds up in him: this is the sadness and resentment accumulated. And when he finally meets with friendliness, at the same time the accumulated sadness and resentment are released – they are very close in the psyche.�

    2. Tears as a way to cope with joy. According to another theory, people often show a strong emotion along with the opposite in meaning: they cry with joy, laugh with embarrassment, get impudent with shame, etc. The opposite emotion helps to compensate for the too strong initial emotion, allows the brain not to overload it.

  2. Without deploying many processes, I will answer simply – because there is permission for this.

    In our culture, it's like – boys don't cry! Boys must be strong! You're a future warrior – don't complain! and a million more such phrases.

    Society, and in particular parents, thus give some rules of behavior. And in this case, it's about the ban on expressing your feelings. Cst, which is why men have a much higher percentage of cardiovascular diseases, we die earlier, etc.

    But the ban applies to moments when there are problems, when it is bad, etc.

    But there is no prohibition to express your feelings when there is something good, when there is kindness, happiness, etc. There is such an expression-tears of joy. As we can see, no one forbids them.�

    So in this sense, you allow yourself to show tears when there is something good, but you don't allow it when everything goes through f* * k.

  3. I have it too.

    the longer you live, the more evil you encounter, and there is no way out for tears, except when you are drawn to another, kind world. by analogy with a friend who hugs in a difficult moment, and immediately breaks through, although before that there was only a feeling (which had no way out). I don't even know.. as a child, I cried when I was offended by “adults” and in evil moments, now, on the contrary, I cry during good ones. it's physically hard to watch such films, it's easier to watch horror movies, action movies, thrillers, because they are more like life and my usual feelings. it's like showing a 25-year-old orphan films about parental love, loving sisters and brothers, justice, a decent education, when he has no one and never had one.

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