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  1. What do you mean by the “emptiness” that you feel? How exactly and when does it feel?

    In adolescents during ontogenesis, a feeling of inner emptiness is a frequent phenomenon. I would say that this is a kind of marker of personal maturation. This is usually associated with a large number of questions about yourself and the world around you, fear of loss, fear of the future, and anxiety.�

    But in general, this is quite an extensive field for discussion, since without reference to the context of what is happening, the feeling of inner emptiness can speak about very different things, since it is more an indicator (and not the reason) of something that is happening to you.

  2. It all depends on the situation in which you feel it and why you feel it. This can be fatigue, depression, frustration, etc.

  3. Now it is fashionable to be in a state of melancholy. Modern society romanticizes this image of “a beautiful lonely person with a depressive disorder”. You need to wind yourself up less. Find a hobby, try to make new acquaintances, go to a psychologist in the end. But the void inside you is likely to be filled only by other people.

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