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  1. I agree with the previous answer and add that it is normal (or rather, natural) to get tired of kindness. Especially in the following cases::

    1. If you have low self-esteem and consider everyone a benefactor, even if someone just gave you a pencil.�

    2. If this kindness is “inflicted” on you by a person you don't like for some reason. You start to feel indebted, which is unpleasant in itself. And then again, from such a person. This has happened to me before. As soon as I turned the tide of my thoughts, that ” I'm bad, and the person turns out to be beautiful, what a fool I was to think so badly about this person.” You don't like the person – you shouldn't like them, even if they give you iPhones. This is his decision. Say thank you and remember the main thing – you don't owe him anything.

    3. You are afraid that, as in the second point, you will find yourself in debt (because of unsolicited kindness). Remember that if a person has done good to you from the bottom of his heart, he will not be offended if you next time reasonably refuse his request. And they won't assume that they “bought” your help for the future. If someone does good for a selfish purpose, and then gets offended, then fuck him. Don't even worry.�

    Learn to accept the good, you probably feel that in many cases you can relax and be happy that you are surrounded by good people, and that you yourself deserve such an attitude. Simply so.

  2. You're probably an introvert )

    I also get tired of interacting with people, I need to be alone to “recharge my batteries”. I do not like to communicate about anything (without a topic or goal) and superficially, formally, although for many this is considered the norm – people either want to talk out without thinking about whether others need their information, or ask questions like ” how are you?” without thinking about why they ask it.

    You probably have interests that you don't have enough time for anyway, but here you have to spend time listening to what you're not interested in at all and answering formal questions )

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