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  1. During the day, you are somehow confronted with a large amount of information, most of which requires some understanding. In other words: You must analyze what you have seen and heard. But the analysis of perceived information is only possible when you minimize the consumption of new information. Such moments usually occur when you are traveling on the subway (or other public transport), provided that you are not busy communicating with your friend at that moment. Also while taking a shower. Well, in general, you yourself can notice similar situations when you “hang up”. At this time, you are not aware of the process of understanding everything that you have encountered during the day.

    If you do not like the fact that you periodically “hang”, then sometimes you need to protect yourself from external information flows, at least for 5-10 minutes. But most people try to occupy every spare minute with something. They immediately go to social networks, put on headphones, etc.

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