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  1. I don't know the whole picture, but this is very similar to the classic interaction of an introvert with extroverts. Extroverts are happy with every new communication, and with anyone; it can be said to feed them. From the outside, such people seem to be active and energetic; sometimes it seems that they just flash before your eyes, so that it is already beginning to irritate. Introverts, although they are not hermits and unsociable – after a noisy company and communicating with a lot of people, they need to relax alone. This is how they restore their energy. In the company of extroverts, introverts lose their energy very quickly; sometimes they feel that all the juice has been sucked out of them; they feel a certain emptiness.

    If you guessed right, then here's a tip: do not try to keep up with these “active and energetic” people, live in the same rhythm with them. If you want peace and quiet , this is your right; no one has said that their way of life and attitude are the only correct ones. If extroverts try to push, and almost push, they need to learn to stop. In the end, you can tell them about the existence of the two types mentioned. But here's the problem: extroverts are not prone to introspection – they don't care. They live in the outside world. Who managed to besiege an extrovert, make him feel uncomfortable, and even strain at least the edges of the convolutions in an attempt to look inside himself-that's well done!

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