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  1. all because that's the way it is.�

    from birth, a person forms their worldview based on the advice and instructions of their parents, grandparents, other relatives, friends, etc., when they, in turn, have learned this knowledge based on the advice of their parents and friends. it's a bit like a vicious circle.�

    we don't notice how everything around us is pressing down on us every second. it is worth reading Marcuse's excellent book “One-dimensional Man”, which is well described in what kind of world we live in today. the era of consumerism : an abundance of goods, a lot of advertising and stereotypes. we don't even know which way to turn our heads or how to think “correctly” anymore.

    after all, the thoughts that we think are “ours” are actually brain – acquired and adapted material that we have heard or seen somewhere OUT THERE.

  2. 1) You think too much about where your thoughts come from. Do you need it? Try to relax, everything in your head is yours. You are the master of your thoughts and actions.
    2) If you can not relax, and thoughts of “obsession” are stable, regular and impossible to distract yourself from them, then you should definitely make an appointment with a psychotherapist/psychiatrist.

  3. In Clifford Simak's novel All Things Living, there is a character with the same problem. This is fantastic, but you never know. Most science fiction writers “look into the water” and most of them come true after a while.

  4. Because it is. It's unfortunate, but people have a minimum of their own thoughts, or not at all…

    However, psychiatry has a different view on this, and this is a very disturbing symptom. See a psychiatrist or a philosopher (depending on whether you want to be cured or “sorted out”).

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