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  1. I tried to find it for a long time and found it, here and from the Indian there is an answer:

    Do Indians realize that the films produced by Bollywood are full of platitudes and that the fights and dances in their films are laughed at by the whole world?

    Further links are not about effects, but the essence is the same:

    Why is there always dancing in Indian films?

    Why is Indian cinema so strange?

    How do people in India feel about their action movies with special effects? Is it funny for them too?

    There is a beautiful Chinese movie Hero ru.wikipedia.org , but it is also impossible to watch it without being used to it. Exactly like the Indians, heroes fly there. Perhaps this is the only film of this kind that I have endured.

    In general, all the films of his time about martial arts are implausible. And often comedic.

    Our fighters are also implausible, just familiar to us.

    All sorts of Pirates of the Caribbean are also implausible. Horror movies, too.

    Detectives also became impossible to watch, most of them insert some kind of stupid mysticism.

  2. Recently, in Indian cinema, you can find good special effects. It is important to understand that Bollywood produces so many films for different audiences. These are films with different budgets, so there is no point in building “Avatar” every time.

    In addition, this is a southern movie – carnival is much more important here than authenticity.

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