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  1. I do not divide this classification into introverts and extroverts because at some periods of life a person may behave like an introvert, at others he tends to communicate and behaves more extroverted than an extrovert. An introvert can be mistakenly called a person with a communication trauma. Such injuries involve information disorders such as OCD, MDS, MDP, bipolar personality disorders, and borderline states.

  2. I don't think so. The introvert gets along well with himself, he does not need to feed energy from the outside. Depression will only occur in one case: if he can not be alone. For example, the army, the barracks, he is surrounded by people all the time. For an introvert, this is a tragedy. He might get sick.

  3. Tactically, yes, but strategically, extroverts are more likely to get depressed.

    Because everyone “runs”, and to stop and realize the frailty of being(in the general case), and in the particulars manifested, as a rule, in any unsettled situations, more often it turns out for introverts. Extroverts also arrive, but much later.

    No matter how the vector of your activity is directed, the meaning of existence of all people +/- is the same, and even more so the end.

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