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  1. Because you believe in it. You believe in Jewish rule, and smart Jews take advantage of your faith and rule you. We always do this – we use the opportunities that are provided to us. So continue to continue to believe in our rule.

  2. It seems to me that it would be necessary to give a couple of names of people who rule the world in different time periods.

    If you can't, then the question is not legitimate.

    Strange question.

    If you remove the first word, the question becomes a statement. This statement raises other questions.

    I'll start with them.

    If you ask a similar question today to any resident of any modern Western state, this question will cause confusion, but rather laughter.

    The same response will be received, you won't believe it, in Israel, even among Arab residents.

    Therefore, this is an echo of the eternal “Russian question”, which for some reason is called the “Jewish question”.

    In fact, this is a search for an enemy, a search for someone who interferes with life, a search for not quite logical explanations for a low-quality, low-income life.



    Let's think together about when this question might have appeared in the public field.

    Under tsarism, when there were more than 60 laws infringing on the rights of the Jewish population, even those who were baptized, Hitler did not invent anything, but simply copied these laws, this question could only cause pity to the one who asks it, since immediately the question arose about the mental health of the person asking the question.

    So, following the formal logic, the statement that” Jews rule the world ” appeared at the turn of the century from the 19th to the 20th.

    And the reason for this is obvious. This is a forgery created during the late tsarist era called “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” – a favorite read of modern Arab dictators.

    And not only:


    So, when you want to find those who are to blame for the fact that we live so badly, just look in the mirror!

  3. Because you are anti-Semitic idiots, and ” Anti-Semitism is not about Jews. This is a litmus test that shows the level of degradation of the system.”

    “Where there is a Jewish question, there must also be a Jewish answer. So: according to my humble observations, the Jews will not be harmed by Peter Tolstoy…

    They've been here for a long time, on Sharik, these Jews. They managed to formulate the basic rules of behavior for humanity, give the world an uncountable number of geniuses and prophets (one of whom cannot be divided by several affiliated denominations), survived the kings of Babylon, the pharaohs of Egypt, the emperors of Rome, the kings of Spain, the pogromists of Russia, the fascists of Germany, the tyrants of the Caucasus, the ghouls of Uganda…

    They will also outlive the vice-speaker of Putin's State Duma, that's bullshit.

    But the fate of a state that takes out anti-Semitism from its bins will, I assure you, be traditionally sad.

    Because anti-Semitism is not about Jews. This is a litmus test that shows the level of degradation of the system. And there has never been a case when the state's anti-Semitism triumphant did not collapse the norms of decency, human rights would not be erased in the dust.

    Any person, we emphasize this. Anyone.

    Just at the time when Mother Nature gave birth to Peter Tolstoy, there was another rampant anti-Semitism in the USSR. Soviet Jews in the late seventies were ridiculed to the fullest, but it ended badly, we note, not for the future founder of Google, who was taken out by his parents as a boy, out of harm's way, to free lands… – it ended badly for the USSR!

    And not because Moscow State University began to enroll not the best, but racially full-fledged, and not even because the “disabled fifth point” – doctors, lawyers, engineers, musicians, scientists… – began to fall over the hill at the first opportunity.

    It's just that another surge in state anti-Semitism meant that things were going badly in the country. That the authorities are again looking for the guilty and flirting with lumpen people. That the official ideology has decayed. That the quality of management is below the baseboard (stupid people and scoundrels are rarely effective). That the rules are being tightened, and the police authorities are maturing…

    This means that it will be bad not only for Goldfarb and Sharansky, but also for Sakharov, Marchenko, Tvardovsky, Tarkovsky, Baryshnikov, Okudzhava… It will be bad for all free people, without distinction of nationality. Because the stake on lumpen, populism and the temptation of simple solutions are absolute. In a country where the “doctors ' case” is possible, rest assured, they will reach both Zoshchenko and Akhmatova…

    Only once will such a country run out of food (in particular, because the authorities of the country, to the delight of people, destroyed the geneticists in advance). It will end – for everyone, and for the titular nation, I note, especially noticeably. Just because there's nowhere to go. And the national question, which has been emboldened by the authorities, will begin to come to it like a boomerang from the outskirts. And not necessarily from small towns, like the time before last. Mother History loves paradoxes…

    One very ancient sage (whose name I will not mention, so as not to upset the deputies of the Russian State Duma) argued that there is nothing new under the sun. In a free translation into Russian, this can also be expressed as an advice to people and kingdoms to think with their heads and not jump on the old rake.

    Anti-Semitism is an obvious, millennia-old, and very nasty symptom. When this stuff starts dripping so thickly from the other end , it's time to get treated.”

    Viktor Shenderovich

  4. Jews don't even rule themselves…and so they live once. What does life here mean to us? Just a lesson learned… Within Svarga Immaculate (IN WHICH WE LIVE), this life is some kind of temporary whitefish… Jews live by matter…and it is imaginary.

  5. Because it is the oldest and largest diaspora in almost every country in the world. Once united by religion, today it is united by common traditions of mutual support and cooperation in achieving mutually beneficial interests, including on the basis of persecution by everyone and everything in ancient times.

    The Jews have the financial flows of the world in their hands. And, so to speak, most of the money in this world. So it turned out, they themselves are to blame, now it's too late to drink borjom.

    This world is ruled by money. So it turned out, they themselves are to blame.

  6. As Vyacheslav Moshe Kantor says , We must limit tolerance towards those who reject the principles of tolerance, freedom and democracy. We must apply legislation based on the principle of safe tolerance. We must not fight anti-Semitism as if it is only a Jewish problem. Hatred and intolerance are the problems of the whole society, and society, led by our elected leaders, must lead the fight against these phenomena. And you can see more details at https://moshekantor.com/ru/ .

  7. Do they rule? It seemed to you)))

    Do you consider yourself worse than Jews? Complex?

    If not, why do you have such thoughts???

    The Jews managed to create a small state (with the help of large countries, including the USSR) in the most unfortunate place… It's a bit weak for the rulers of the world… don't you think so?

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