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  1. Many people think that thanks to an expensive wardrobe, they will look better for others. This increases their self-esteem and self-confidence.

    Additionally, many people want to look fashionable. It is fashionable, not stylish. But many people forget that fashion often does not take into account your color type, does not take into account the individual characteristics of your figure. In fact, in our time to look good, you do not need to spend fabulous money on things. If desired, you can dress stylishly and tastefully with a small amount of money spent on the wardrobe. Watch the upcoming sales in branded boutiques and online stores. If you want, you can find high-quality shoes, a bag or a dress with a discount of more than 50%. Visit second-hand stores. Yes, if you are lucky, you can find a quality branded item there at a reasonable price.

  2. To people. who else? the person who did all this feels better.

    After all, he wouldn't do it if it made him feel bad, right?

    Whether this is rational is another question.

  3. Everything is extremely simple. People see ads, see how happy those people who bought a Jivanshi shirt for half a salary are, how rich their environment is, how they are admired. People come to the store for happiness, but they don't sell it there. Pelevin). A person puts on this shirt, and starts monotonously spamming friends with their photos in new clothes.

    “Wow, a thirteen thousand shirt, this man must be rich.” He runs to the same store and buys a Gucci bag. So there is a trend when a person says “wow”to a person. People don't even want to show off their wealth, they are afraid to fall behind others, seem like an outcast, seem poor, not fashionable, and so on. So they spend their last pennies in the pursuit of happiness advertised on TV, for the norms set by the same imitators. The need for new clothes becomes equal to the need for sleep, food, and intercourse. They try to appear rich by being poor, they try to appear unusual by being commonplace. They might eat shit but eat sushi, they might call themselves stupid but call themselves hippies. In fact, this is one field of berries, but someone's part of the field was actively promoted, and someone else remained untouched by anyone.

    This topic is discussed in more detail in the book “Generation P” by Viktor Pelevin. I recommend reading it for a better introduction to this topic.

  4. I agree with the previous answers, but sometimes there are situations when the job requires you to look appropriate. There's nothing you can do about it. Of course, you can go for accuracy, but not always so.

  5. Because the values of society, family, cultural and other values have devalued. And a person tends to fill the void inside (this is when “the soul hurts”). Dressing expensively doesn't mean “tasteful”. Given that many shopping centers in the country sell replicas at a high price, when you can buy originals abroad for reasonable money, this is not clear.

  6. The last money for clothes is definitely not worth giving away. It's just that there is a lot of material on the web where “bloggers or tailoring meters” explain to you what a person's style should look like. In reality, if you don't communicate with people of this level, then no one will notice the cost of your clothes. Yes, in principle, I think that at a meeting in the White House, no one discusses in what suit and at what cost you came -it's just not ethical. There is an opportunity to buy shirts in London, and shoes in Bali . ) There is no possibility . – the Chinese market is at your service.))

  7. I don't understand why all the answers above say that a person wants to show off their wealth or create its appearance? I, for example, just love beautiful and high-quality things, custom-made clothes, silk shawls and generally clothes in the style of “old count-vamir”. No, it's not what you might think-robes and seemingly idiotic art-house-style clothing. I love the classics. Classic only, hardcore only. It may not be a very rational investment, but you are doing something that is not very rational in order to be a little happier and more confident? So I do, and so do many people around me.

  8. Do you remember the “new Russians” syndrome? These people were trying to show off their wealth. I personally call it the “dirt to riches” syndrome. Famous Hollywood actors do not dare to ride the subway, remember at least millions of photos on Instagram with almost all the actors of Game of Thrones, which were shot by their fans on the subway trains.�

    You can also remember how Steve Jobs dressed or Keano Reeves dresses to understand that being rich and appearing rich are different things.

    People who want to show their wealth through an expensive (usually credit) car, expensive clothes or gadgets usually do not see this elementary difference.

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