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  1. Because many people, if they speak, then they do not understand that the great dream is not an idyllic dream, but a dream – to realize life according to their divine talent, to realize their divine creative potential – to give birth and raise children to the age of marriage, and, accordingly, grandchildren – to the crown of creation.

  2. and so it happens.

    You know, there's an old joke about the church ( no offense, it's just the brightest institution). designed to bring good to people).
    The joke goes like this
    The world is changing the church faster than the church is changing this world.

    Yes, over time, you'll just get tired.
    What's more, you'll realize that most people around you don't need to change.
    they don't need your ideals, they're not even going to get up from their chairs for them.
    There are always very few enthusiasts.
    And to support a significant part of the population, forcing it to change something beyond what it already does-it's just a miracle!

    Yes, what an example to go for – people are too lazy to do exercises in the morning or throw a cigarette butt in the trash can… are you going to yell at the world)
    No way without help.

    But one… what are you going to change by yourself?)

  3. They were disappointed and resigned. From this, such parting words, so to speak, “drop it before the time when they throw a stone at you, when you get burned.”

  4. This is usually said by those who failed to change anything. Or someone who didn't even try. And in order to somehow justify themselves, they refer to the fact that, they say, so for everyone, this is life, and you will have it, you'll see! Basically, this can be heard from the older generation, whose goal was mostly family, and even at that time the world did not have such a huge amount of resources for self-realization, as it is now, so people simply “accepted” their fate. From the younger generation, this can be heard, probably because of 1) imposed views by relatives 2) because of ” unwillingness to do something that goes beyond their comfort zone.”

    In general, it all depends, of course, on you. If your light of aspiration does not fade , you will change it. The main thing is to act. You will hear these words many more times from those who have come to terms with the fact that they will not succeed. If you hear it, just prove them otherwise 🙂

  5. Because one day you will see the great in the small and be so enchanted by the picture that opens up to you that you will instantly find harmony in your soul, and from then on, contemplating simple things will become the only way you want to exist.

  6. Because many people in our country have never tried to change anything themselves, even if it was something that concerned them personally. This “wisdom” is actually their inner justification for their own humility, laziness, and lack of initiative. It is also customary for us to dislike those who “stick out” and sincerely wish them bad luck for the same patient reasons. The next time someone tells you something like this, ask them to tell you their story of”disappointment.” Immediately everything will fall into place.)�

    P. S. In fact, it will not fade, but on the contrary – you will get a taste. It is always very pleasant to realize that certain things are made thanks to you and your participation.

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