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  1. “We” is a strong generalization. And imbeciles (by the way, this is a medical term, the average degree of oligophrenia, i.e. mental retardation) is a very harsh definition. But in general, the idea is clear:).

    Indeed, many people (not all, fortunately) rate themselves highly, and others-low. Why?

    First, because one of the most difficult life tasks of every person is to get to know yourself, understand your strengths and weaknesses, understand your goals and motivation … and other, other, other things. In short, evaluate yourself adequately to reality. In recent decades, due to the widespread decline in the level of education, overloading of the visual channel of perception, social networks like Instagram and constant emotional pumping like “You are the best!”, this matter has become even more difficult.

    Secondly, to evaluate another person, you need: time, formed evaluation criteria, some level of knowledge of the material that you evaluate in the other person (otherwise it turns out “I haven't read Pasternak, but I condemn”). And in our current life with all these components-somehow it doesn't matter.

    Third, when you do not understand yourself or others, one of the most common options is to rate yourself highly (“Let the hand of the one who offends himself wither!”) and the other low.

    Let me give you an example to explain. Imagine that in a certain company, an HR girl of twenty is sitting on recruitment, in fact-just a child. And she was instructed to close the vacancy… well, let's say, the chief technologist of the enterprise. She will do everything that she was taught at the university and at the relevant courses and seminars: ask smart questions, suggest tests and cases. But due to her age and objectively determined incompetence, she will not be able to correctly assess really strong candidates for this difficult vacancy: “He's kind of muddy… it can't connect two words… and when asked who he sees himself as in our company in five years, he answered incorrectly.” And at the same time, she will not even allow the thought that, perhaps, it is she who does not know something or does something wrong.

  2. The fact is that this is not a general point of view, but only yours.

    Undoubtedly, you will have like-minded people, But this does not mean that everyone agrees with your opinion.

    Even Carnegie once wrote that every person we meet has something to learn. And this is true – in everyone we meet there is something better than in ourselves.

  3. Unfortunately, mental retardation is quite common. Why? Yes, because many km are somehow programmed to self-destruct. It seems that humanity is dying in the pursuit of orgasm. But I still don't stop believing that good is stronger than evil. And many scold their own kind only for one purpose-to rise up.

  4. ios and Android converse. They are joined by window. They decide who knows more and who is smarter. They demonstrate their capabilities. Everyone is happy with themselves and everyone has their own opinion.

  5. Elementary single-celled psychology, self-aggrandizement, at the expense of belittling (the idea is brazenly stolen, but I really like it, so I share it) someone or something, unfortunately, for the most part, we really don't like it when people criticize us, although we love to criticize others…
    I don't give a damn about other people's opinions,and I'm a very self-mocking person, so I expect a lot of angry comments to this answer)
    I wish good health to those who will leave these very comments)
    And since we also really don't like to face the truth, it turns out that everyone around you is an imbecile, you're the only intellectual without a Nobel Prize)
    So I'm waiting for a bunch of answers with the most vile epithets in my address )

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