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  1. No, there is still a significant difference between why men lie and why women lie. A man knows what the other man is lying about. And a woman knows why another woman is lying.

  2. Hmm, it's not just men who lie, everyone lies, both men and women. You need to lie and tell the truth wisely. That is, you need to assess the situation when it is better to lie or tell the truth. There are times when you need to lie, because telling the truth can make the situation worse.�

    Lies are an integral part of our lives. You can't run away from her anywhere.

  3. Oh, as if women don't lie…

    And perhaps even more often than men.

    Why do they lie? Well, there are many options. One of them: the truth is a shame.

  4. It is a stupid delusion of the human race to divide people into gender, in matters that relate to the entire genus… It's not men or women who lie, it's people who lie.

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