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  1. The man owes nothing to anyone but himself. If a man likes a woman , he solves this issue. It's the same with Baba. Only they solve this issue in their own way. The lady charms, the man builds the next step, at will. I've never seen a normal man who wants to be courted by a woman the way men do.

  2. In fact, there are slightly fewer women in nature, literally by a third of a percent. This was due to the abortion of female fetuses and the murder of girls at birth in some of the most numerous nations on earth.: for citizens of India and China.�

    As for “why do they achieve – there are others”, often we like specific people, and not anyhow who, we achieve them.

  3. It came from cavemen. Like a man must, a man must. In fact, no one owes anyone anything. We live in a modern civilization in which everyone is on mutual sympathy.

  4. In general, the answer to the question of who should pursue whom has varied throughout human history, and even in different parts of our planet, it was answered differently.

    In secular states today, both men and women can take the initiative. People of the 21st century do not find anything shameful in this. But still, in the minds of the majority, there is still a stereotypical patriarchal relic-a man should achieve, a man should take the first steps, and so on.

    It is worth clarifying, perhaps, that no one owes anyone anything. A person does what they think is right and acts in accordance with their emotions and needs. The belief that it is a man who should show initiative was born a long time ago in connection with the idea of a man as a breadwinner, male and hunter. Probably, there is some truth in this view of inter-sexual relations, but again-the 21st century is in the yard, women also long ago abandoned their archaic roles.

  5. It's a strange statement, not all men woo women. I personally have never achieved anyone, and in general I consider it beneath my dignity.

    And as for the competition of men in the fight for women – so everything is simple.
    When they talk about the number of men and women, they forget to mention what age these women are. Most women in the world are largely driven by their longer life expectancy.
    And men compete not just for women, but for beautiful women of reproductive age. A woman after 35 years of age has a significantly lower chance of finding a good man. Those who do not meet the beauty standards are immediately ignored.
    So it turns out, beautiful girls from 16 to 25 years old enjoy the attention of men from 16 to … 50 and beyond(while it is, in general)

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