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  1. When a loved one dies, someone can afford depression, hysteria, etc., and someone will have to carry a corpse and dig a grave, limiting themselves in the manifestations of grief… Because someone has to do it.�

    Why a man? “Because he's better with a shovel.”

  2. Oh, no, men suffer just as much as women, the only difference is that men show less of their feelings. Because if a man cries,then he ceases to be a man(hooray for stereotypes.)

  3. Men do not cry, they just hide all their pain and try to be a support for other loved ones(we are really talking about men in a broader sense). For example, my dad has always been calm for as long as I can remember, because someone has to be responsible for the family,although he immediately turned gray when everything immediately piled up. He might have wanted to share it,or maybe even cry it out, but he was always unperturbed. For the family, this is better, a sober view of what is happening,but he, restraining emotions, has planted his health. So true men also need a shoulder,albeit fragile)

    PS: perhaps you, the author, are judging the wrong men)

  4. I don't want to sound like a misogynist, but quite often a man is pushed into this callousness by society.
    A man should be a breadwinner, a protector, and so on.
    If he has something that hurts, it is considered a priori less significant than a woman's pain… not to mention the elderly and children.
    Who goes first to die in a war? Of course men. Who rushes to save drowning or burning people? Men again.
    The burden of responsibility does not allow men to whine, cursing the mortal life. They've seen a lot of shit in their lives and it's hard to surprise them with anything. They stupidly have no time.

    PS And if we are talking about countries where the responsibilities of men and women in society are equal, the reaction is about the same.

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