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  1. The novice, cutting his hair, shows that he is ready to change his life, and discard worldly ideas about himself. This is a step towards humility and submission. It won't be very clear to atheists. In the hair there is a certain mental subtle worldly power, and cutting off the hair, a person feels differently. Anyone who has cut their hair knows)

  2. A symbol of rebirth. In many cultures, baldness (as well as unnatural hairiness) is a sign of the character's belonging to the Other World (remember “The Devil is bald”). That is, cutting off the head, a person “dies”, and then “resurrects”, but in a new role, in this case-as a monk.

    Over time, the meaning of the rite is lost, only the form remains, which may not correspond to the mechanics of the ritual, but repeat in general details (for example, only an area or only a strand is cut, the child's first trip to the hairdresser is in the same piggy bank).

    By the way, this is also the mythological explanation for the stereotype that bald men are more fertile and sexually strong (the lower world is always associated with sexuality and fertility). Well, there are generally several explanations, not all of them decent (if in terms of cultures we are talking, and not physiology, there are also correlations).

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