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  1. “Muslims must not only respect the Jewish Tanakh and Christian books, but also believe everything written in them. A person cannot be considered a Muslim if they do not believe that these books were written at the behest of G-d. Muslims don't hate Jews. In fact, the three religions have lived together for hundreds of years in peace, mutual respect, and mutual recognition. There were deviations only during the period of the Crusades, which represented the aggressive policy of Europe to a greater extent than the war between religions. Muslims and Jews have lived side by side for 14 centuries in an atmosphere of tolerance and fruitful cooperation.”

    The situation changed, according to Hassan Al-Najjar, only when European Jews ” invented Zionism in the form of a colonial imperialist movement aimed at expelling the Arabs from Palestine.” According to the author of Al-Jazeera, it was European Jews who encouraged the Jews of Muslim countries to come to Palestine and take part in the “Zionist project”: “If the Israelis would treat the Arabs as equal citizens, there would be no conflict,” Al — Najjar believes. — Instead, they herded the Palestinians out of their homes and into refugee camps. Moreover, in 1967, they seized the rest of Palestine, where they continued to take land from the Arabs.”

    As a result, the author comes to a very controversial conclusion that, allegedly, the Middle East conflict is not religious in nature, but is purely political: “The conflict does not concern a different understanding of the Koran and Tanakh, it concerns the issue of land ownership and the aggressive policy of the Israelis against the Palestinians.”

    At the same time, along with rejecting “political Zionism” and ” Sharonism, “the Al-Jazeera propagandist expresses his predictable sympathy for the left:” No one hates Uri Avneri, Yossi Sarid, Yossi Bellin, and Noam Chomsky. ” 1 They are all Jews. However, they are staunch fighters for peace.” Hassan Al-Najjar also said that ” the world needs more of these Jews.”

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