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  1. Well, it's pretty obvious.

    Apparently, they are convinced that their high standard of living and well-being is provided not by “capitalism” and “current politics”, but by their own personal qualities – hard work, intelligence, communication competence, ” social adaptability, etc.”

  2. If your friends do not criticize abstract capitalism, but find shortcomings in the functioning of the state in which they live, then this is normal, it means that your friends are worried about the fate of their country.

    Discontent and criticism are the key to the healthy development of any enterprise, from the state to a commercial store. Store owners should always look for flaws in the operation of their business, and when they find that their refrigerator is not freezing enough, their cashier steals, and the lighting can be replaced with cheaper and more economical ones, they should replace the refrigerator and light bulbs and fire the cashier. And if the cashier hires big guys with batons to beat the owners on the head and prevent them from discussing and correcting shortcomings, then the store will eventually go bankrupt.

    It's the same with the state. The ability of citizens to see the shortcomings and boldly point them out is a sign of the civic position and patriotism of these citizens. The absence of reprisals against such citizens by the state, providing them with free access to the media is one of the mandatory conditions for the long – term prosperity of this state.

  3. Successful people usually understand how the world works around them. And they obviously see that the obtained “security” is firstly obtained despite the modern State structure (this is already said in the top answer) and secondly is under constant threat from the Kremlin's security officers, prosecutors, judges, and other state bodies.

    Therefore, such sensible people criticize the current policy, this is normal.

    But what does capitalism have to do with it? All this discontent is based precisely on the fact that we persistently do not allow capitalism to enter Russia, persistently do not give the Rights and Freedoms of ordinary citizens! We have the usual Feudalism, Oligarchy, Chiefdom, Imperialism.

    In addition to the total lawlessness when Russian citizens win about 99% of cases in the ECHR from Putin and the state authorities of the Russian Federation, the transfer of power – cash flows – fiefdoms-positions in state bodies and state corporations by inheritance has already begun…

    Pure feudalism, even minimal chances for the development of capitalism can not be seen.

  4. These non-poor people were told by their mothers, fathers and grandmothers what a paradise there was in the USSR, there was no unemployment, everyone was well off, everyone lived very well, there was social justice, but the traitors Gorbachev and Yeltsin came to power, who ruined everything. And their parents could be thugs who did not know in the USSR what a shortage of basic necessities, empty store shelves and a queue for an apartment for 25 years. So, it is better to live differently well than to live equally badly for everyone. And there is no need for “isms”, the world is much more complex and is not divided into capitalism and socialism.

  5. Good or bad — this is a value judgment, which means that your friends evaluate the world around them in this way. This does not necessarily objectively characterize the external world around them, but it is more characteristic of their internal world. Criticism of capitalism or capitalist ideology occurs among well-off people as a sign of their dissatisfaction with the current social situation, even if it seems attractive to those who are lower on the social ladder. There are also more serious approaches to this issue, which are reflected in the works of Marx, Engels, Sismondi, etc.

  6. Your friends have not lost their Conscience-the connection with God! “Babylon has fallen, has fallen (all the churches of the evil world – 5 senses), the great harlot (with political power)… 18: 2. The future “Religion” of the world of good-Consciousness-Truth-The law of Social Development – The Law of Criticism! True democracy can only be DIRECT democracy, DIRECT political power of the people, the essence of which is Self-government of the people from BELOW-Parallel to the people's power-General assemblies, all administrative and industrial levels of government, whose political will, like a court decision, is mandatory for the execution of the Vertical of power-bureaucrats-executors of the political will of the people! A representative false democracy, the essence of which is false elections-a mimicry of the political power of slave owners over volunteer slaves, when the herd pays for the crimes and mistakes of the “leader”, at a high price and at its own expense?! What will soon be realized in reality through the ongoing, Creative revolution of Consciousness, Which is formulated by God and His prophets, worthy, Conscious people fulfill Their will, and the people develop! Only those people are worthy of happiness and freedom, who can GENERATE their own political will, can Defend It, can Extract Precious Things from the Insignificant, know their own future, being proud, and not disdainful, of their Heroes! “No one will give us deliverance: neither God, nor king, nor Hero! We will achieve our freedom, our freedom. “. With An Enlightened Soul! Consciousness is changing, political power is changing?!

  7. Nothing to be surprised about. Our life is full of paradoxes. The collapse of the empire (the USSR) made many people who were not involved in the division of the USSR's wealth rich, rich or very rich. Well, like Durov, Chichvarkin, Kaspersky or Galician or…… This list is very long. And a smart person who has achieved prosperity under the current system cannot fail to understand its weaknesses. And the greater the wealth, the greater the understanding of flaws. In general, “in much wisdom there is much sorrow.” But wealthy people who complain and criticize the current government are like the Russian intelligentsia of the early 20th century. The idea of changing the system in a revolutionary way was very popular in the circles of the intelligentsia and enlightened entrepreneurship. The revolution of the 17th year allowed some people to eat meat in the camp and left others penniless. So before campaigning for “you can't live like this” or “we will build our new world”, think ten times. Perhaps the proletariat will be the first to let you go to the meat market. Because you wear a suit and don't use foul language. Think, citizens!!!!!

  8. Capitalism has nothing to do with the politics of our country, because in many countries it works very successfully, unlike communism, and adding a little socialism to capitalism does not make it real socialism. Russian politics serves as a tool for those in power who have established their own economic model, the purpose of which is to profit from the resources of our country, as well as its people.

  9. Friedrich Von Hayek:�

    “The higher we climb the ladder of intelligence, the more closely we associate with intellectuals, the more likely we are to encounter socialist beliefs. Rationalists are mostly enlightened and intellectual people, and enlightened intellectuals are mostly socialists.”

  10. There are many reasons for this. Perhaps your friends have liberal views. And perhaps they are not only well-off, but also not stupid and see the situation in the country. If they are secured today, this does not mean that they will be secured tomorrow. The economy is decaying, foreign policy (if you are from Russia) turns Russian people into savages with nuclear weapons in the eyes of civilized countries, domestic policy relies on a narrow circle of people who can only build a “business” by raising taxes and sawing the budget. As a result, your wealthy friends simply do not see their future.

  11. Capitalism is a misanthropic ideology, any reasonable person who does not suffer from commodity fetishism understands this. Many ideologues of communism were also successful people. Engels was the son of a large capitalist. Lenin was a hereditary nobleman and a successful lawyer. However, they saw a monstrous stratification of society, the fact that a few percent of the population receive enormous incomes, at the expense of the work of the majority who have almost no means of subsistence. It is also the true economic theory of capitalism. No wonder Marx is the most widely read economist in the United States.

  12. But you do not specify the source of income of these people)) If they are sitting on public procurement or just in office, then these are immensely stupid people, they think that this will be forever. No, a return to the Soviet Union means that they will not be able to steal or even receive a disproportionately large salary. Their usual comfort will also disappear, and there will be no one to give them a beautiful manicure, fix a car,or put up a new fence in the country.These options are not provided in socialism)) But no real person in the business of capitalism criticizes, only the current policy and state interference in business.

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