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  1. It depends on what you mean by dislike of Russia: irrational hatred or rational rejection.

    When a person says “I hate these birch trees, these stinking villages, this vile language and culture” – this is irrational hatred. Such a person does not want any Russia. There are not many such people, in fact: just as there are not many people who irrationally hate France, Italy, and Germany.

    When a person says something like “I hate embezzlement, ignorance and slave psychology” , this is a rational rejection, because he explains what exactly does not suit him, what needs to be corrected, and in which Russia he would like to live.

    Accordingly, the fate of your peers depends on what of the above is typical for them and what kind of development it will get in them.

  2. When we turned 17, the song”I love my country, but I hate the state”was in fashion. Now, it seems to me, no one really distinguishes between these two concepts. Plus, I already wrote in one of the answers that the perception of the modern generation, which was brought up either in no way, or blew in the ass (for the most part), was greatly distorted. The consumer society dictates its own rules: the concept of Homeland, as such, no longer exists. If something doesn't bring you satisfaction, you don't take it in a positive way.�

    I think that homesickness and nostalgia always take their toll, and no matter what these guys say, they will still remember their Homeland with warmth if they leave.�

    About what will happen…nothing will happen. They'll either leave or become couch potato critics.

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