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  1. When you ask “Why < statement X>?” it's a good idea to first verify that statement X is true. Different people can see themselves in the mirror in different ways. The thin ones are fat, the old ones are young, the white ones are black, the people are hobbits. This is a relative and subjective perception of some people, and not an objective truth that can be recognized as “true” or”untrue”.

    And don't you really understand why? “Why do old people feel like they're trapped in a decrepit, unfamiliar body?” Some people feel that way, yes. Do you really need a lengthy explanation of why being senile is unpleasant and not desirable?

  2. I dare to suggest that old age pushes you to remember the past youth because of the decline of life. And the image of an 18 year old boy is a projection of the best period of life

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