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  1. I can't speak for people, but I can only speak for myself and I have no complaints about how a person lives. After all, each person decides for himself how and with whom to live. It is necessary to respect the opinion of any person and impose your opinion on others, to put it mildly, is not ethical. We are all human beings and we are all different, and we all live as we believe. This is a personal matter for everyone!!! With respect.

  2. I believe that people do not always judge other people's views on life. Someone, yes, condemns, but someone listens to other people's opinion, and someone supports it.

  3. Most likely, why they are being judged.�

    Subconsciously, judgment means that a person strives to live in a harmonious, just world with beautiful people. But only here about the “beautiful” everyone has their own idea. Judging someone / something, a person wants the object (subject) to change, begin to think or do the same as he does. But at the same time, judging, a person rises above the one he condemns, considers his point of view better, more correct. It smacks of selfishness, doesn't it?�

    “Yes, we're both right, but I'm more right!”(from one TV show)

    It so happens that our aspirations, no matter how good they may be, force us to use the wrong methods that lead to the cherished goal.

  4. Not always. Otherwise, we would have 7 billion unclouded and original views on life. And if you consider it in everyday life – have you tried to jump off the train in the process of movement?

  5. imho, partly because they are really confident that they are right.

    partly because the “pure mind” is immediately recruited for something that is not clear, so it is better for parents to pass on their own program, which conveys the experience of past, past years and circumstances, but at least in the interests of the child and not in the interests of others.

    partly because they are sure that in some situation they will do much better and only experience will show that, for example, patiently explaining to the child is not realistic, and only with a shout or screech can you force the child to do what he does not want (dress, eat, learn math). “theorists” always idealize and condemn, until it comes to the point, to their children.

    partly because they have always been judged, and they are used to fighting back and paying in kind, otherwise they will be trampled underfoot.

    there are many reasons, but life teaches everyone to smooth out corners.

  6. Everything is very simple here. People are like that. Other views on life sometimes seem wrong, because they differ from our own position. This is why there is condemnation.

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