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  1. Really, why? Isn't life already beautiful enough that you need to find meaning in it first before you really start living?

    It seems to me that this is because people feel that something is missing in life, that in the usual race for wealth, fame, recognition, some important element is missing that would give all this fuss meaning.

    In other words, when people are looking for the meaning of life, they are looking for something beyond the life span allotted to all of us. They seek God.

    And this is not necessarily the God of the Holy Scriptures, the wise elder in heaven, who judges us all and threatens us with punishment for our sins. Such a God in the 21st century, frankly, does not stand up to criticism.

    But in each of us there is a feeling that there must be something more, that we are not just our body, which sooner or later will die or our thoughts, which are constantly changing.

    And this God I'm talking about is much closer than we think. “Closer than our breath,” as some books say.

    He is always with us. We are Him. Consciousness beyond thoughts and feelings, where thoughts and feelings manifest, the screen on which the movie of our life plays.

    To have a movie, there must be a screen. But we are so busy with the action of the film that we forget to pay attention to the very process of experiencing life, to the fact that we are alive, at this moment.

    What is left when there are no thoughts in your head?

    And who are you then – the space in which thoughts arise, or the thoughts themselves, changing, impermanent, ever-flowing?

  2. They want an answer to their personal existential question: what is the meaning of life for them personally? People's responses will either respond to something or not. And they will appreciate something for themselves. Thanks for the question.

  3. These are deprived people, the most necessary things, toys in childhood, drunkenness of parents from whom there is no attention, ridicule of peers, then hard work for pennies, there is no possibility of purchasing the desired product, not a successful marriage. In a word, people of passive thinking, although life itself pushes them to become strong, in large cases they slip into drunkenness and suicide. A person must have a strong spirit and correctly perceive the world, then such questions disappear, because you begin to understand that the whole meaning of life is a path, from birth to death, which everyone must pass with dignity, all the obstacles on the way we created ourselves in that life, and in this we rethink and so on, but the suicidal person will get stuck in this In one word, “Evolution”�

  4. None of us probably want to be Sisyphus, aimlessly pushing a rock. Living with the idea that your entire existence is essentially meaningless is quite difficult, even if you have some hobby/hobby / favorite person, etc.

  5. It is very easy for believers to answer your question, because it is one of the arguments in favor of the existence of God.�

    The logic here is as follows. From the point of view of atheism, a human being is not fundamentally different from a fragment of stone of the same size, because it consists of the same dead atoms. But the stones probably don't ask questions about the meaning of their existence. And the person asks and very often. When a person finds this very meaning, he is spiritually transformed, and when he cannot find it, he suffers, but at the same time he still retains a deep inner conviction that there must be a meaning in his life. All this suggests that all this inner dissatisfaction and all this search is given to us by someone higher and for some purpose.

  6. By analogy with the” fear of death”, there is a hidden”fear of life” in people. A deep sense of meaninglessness and irrationality of existence, which can only be rejected by finding a refutation.

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