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  1. Because in sociology there is such a term as social role. And the social role follows from certain requirements of society to the owner of a particular social status. It's only natural for a person to behave differently with their parents and friends. Or with your child and in the company of fans at a football match. Moreover, it is quite normal for a person to drink alcohol with one friend and discuss memes, play basketball with a healthy lifestyle friend and eat healthy food without even thinking about McDonald's, and discuss anime and play computer games with another person. Because his friends have different interests and hobbies, it would be stupid and selfish to impose sports on a computer enthusiast who can't run 100 meters, and drag a healthy lifestyle into a Mac, tormenting him with food that he might really want

  2. As for me, a person has a lot of images, and what he should be with this or that person also decides for himself. It is impossible to treat everyone equally, if only for the reason that everyone acts more often on the principle of ” treat people the way you want them to treat you.”..

  3. It seems to me that this is due to the fact that most of these people are just clones who want to match their own, as they believe, group. Although in fact, this very group does not take such people seriously. Ask why? Yes, because they are like copies of a certain person, they do not have anything that can hook, attract and interest in themselves. They're just imitating an idol who doesn't give a damn about them. Yes, yes. I don't really care, because he's disgusted to see such indecent people who don't have their own personal life.

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