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  1. I guess because why and in general we can't keep a straight leg or arm for long. There is discomfort and you want to bend.�

    As for the toes. It is possible to stay in shoes for a long time (it is not very convenient to bend your fingers in it)�or prolonged walking causes fatigue of the muscles that move the fingers. Even without exercise, our skeletal muscles are always tense. This is called muscle tone. Accordingly, the muscles can get tired in fact “just like that”. The mechanism of fatigue itself is not well understood. There are a lot of theories about the fatigue of the nervous system, and how the products of its functioning accumulate in the muscles. It is possible, in my opinion, to proceed from the latter and assume that the muscles moving the toes get tired from active movement or, conversely, monotonous arrival in one position. Products of functioning accumulate and we bend our fingers, contracting the muscles ,thereby accelerating the blood and, as it were, removing these products from the places of accumulation. Paradoxically , it turns out that to eliminate fatigue, you have to perform another action, but I do not pretend to make an exceptionally correct assumption.
    I do not exclude the psychological factor. Maybe this bending is an attempt to shrink as much as possible and protect yourself from discomfort around.

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