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  1. Diogenes of Laertes writes:

    He said that there is no difference between life and death. — Why don't you die?” — they asked him. That's why, ” Thales said.

  2. Why do you continue to enjoy your coffee or tea when you know it's over? Why do you listen to your favorite music when you know it will stop?) As the Chinese say, moving towards the goal is the goal itself.

  3. There comes a time when a person is born, and there comes a time when a person dies. Both life and death are the same process. The time between a person's birth and death is a time for learning and correcting the mistakes of previous lives. A person, preferably, should understand who he is, in general. and his place in this world. Knowing that life is very short and therefore a person should not lose this precious time, learn, change, become better, kinder, smarter and wiser. And live a full life, enjoy every day you live!!! With respect.

  4. It seems to me that they live according to the generally accepted habit – it's just scary to die, but I want to live I don't know how, it's better to live in prison than to be shot, we are such weak creatures.

  5. We see how people come into this world and stay. They live as if they don't remember why they're here. And as a person with a memory loss tries to find meaning, someone old, someone new. Hence the arguments: invent a meaning for yourself or reject its existence at all.

  6. Knowing and understanding are two different things!

    This is the first one!

    Understand what life is all about!

    This is the second one!

    LIVE! And be alive!

    This is the third one!

    Realize that you live!

    This is the fourth!

    Accept death!

    This is the fifth!

    You know life?! You don't know anything!

    And you won't know until you live! Good luck.

  7. Because the process of dying is unbearable.. but why humanity does not want to end a series of endless deaths by simply stopping reproducing is unclear.. are their minds weaker than their instincts?.

  8. Because life on Earth is given to man in order that he should choose for himself the path for the soul. For an immortal soul, life on Earth is a small segment, one might even say minuscule compared to the immortality of the soul. I.e., the main thing in a person is the soul, and then the mortal body. And on the path of life, of course, there are goals: to give birth to children and raise them, and also to instruct them so that they also understand why they came to Earth. And all earthly cares are temporary, all this is vanity of vanities.

  9. Love. Nature. Friends. A business. Profession. Realization. Family, children. Health. Enjoyments. Leisure. Hobby. Creation. Meanings and society. History. The desire to be useful. The desire to be kind. The need to transfer experience and knowledge. Transfer the inheritance.

  10. Physical death is a transition to another world and another state, it is not the end, on the contrary, it is the beginning!
    As you live, this is the beginning you will get after the transition!

  11. And why do you need to throw something, if it is of course? We go to the theater, knowing the end time of the play, have sex, knowing that it will end. We give birth to children, assuming that they will leave us to live independently. There are no infinite things in life at all, so why should the fact that life is finite be confusing?

    “Ahh, you don't have a movie here for forever, but for 1.5 hours? Then I won't watch it!”

  12. And why the end, maybe only the beginning!
    But what kind of continuation it will be depends entirely on the quality of life lived. But premature departure will not only not bring the person the desired liberation, but on the contrary will bring severe suffering.

  13. Death is inevitable, but everyone thinks that it is somewhere very far away, so a wise person lives and enjoys every day he has lived. When a person enters the intensive care unit, he then perceives life more vividly, more joyfully, as if he was born again.

  14. Interesting. Interest warms up to live on. How all this will end, or at least not end, and what will happen next. When the interest disappears, the person ends his life by suicide. Nothing's going to keep him here.

    • The best thing we can do as a species is resist programming. Abandon reproduction and, hand in hand, go to meet extinction. One midnight, brothers and sisters, refuse to live.
      “Then why wake up in the morning
      at all-I convince myself that I am a witness to existence. But in fact, it's just programmed like that. I don't have the guts to kill myself.

    “True Detective”

    Instincts….It's all about them)

  15. Fear of death and fear of the unknown are two forces that rule us. Even in times when we don't think we want to live, our desire to live as a counterbalance to the fear of death is very strong. Without fear and the banal instinct of self-preservation, the number of suicides would be hundreds, thousands of times more.
    In addition, life and our emotions are heterogeneous and multifaceted. That is, today we may think that life is not worth living, but after a while we may fall in love/find our vocation, etc., respectively, our sense of life may change. And even if we know that life is finite (although, of course, we don't think about it in moments of happiness and satisfaction), we will want to enjoy its gifts

  16. On the contrary, my friend, if you're going to die soon, why not live? See the world ,have children and grow up, do some useful things, enjoy everything that life gives.�

    Hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people died before they were born, or in infancy, as teenagers or young people, from diseases, or were killed, died, were tortured, with the desire to live at least one more day, to see the sun and sky, to breathe air, to see their relatives and loved ones, with the desire to stay in this world that was taken away from them.

    Drop it, be more fun and support others!

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