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  1. People are not naturally perfect-mentally and physically-a picture dramatically compounded by a very imperfect education and upbringing.

    The picture is dramatically improved – with the help of optimal / perfect education and upbringing – the number of stupid things is reduced many times and by orders of magnitude.

  2. Let's say I understand why they do this. Everyone commits them. There are people who do the same stupid thing more than once. That's a mystery. I know a lot of such people, I try to understand them, to get an answer, but no.. You talk, seem to understand everything, nod your head, and then say, I'll do it anyway..

  3. The only answer is fear. It's a reaction. Sometimes out of helplessness, sometimes just a quick, thoughtless “reactive” decision. You need to learn to understand these chemical processes in the brain, and then there will be no questions. Everyone has to cope with this, if not, then there will be some kind of unconscious life. It's just that you may be growing up. You're a human being!? Not a doggie? But for many adults, growing up has passed by.

  4. Yes, I think each of us did something stupid.
    A person is not a computer program, we have feelings, we are emotional. You learn from mistakes, the main thing is to understand in time that you made a mistake, then you can correct the mistake.
    And there are absolutely disgusting and harmless nonsense that give us pleasure and bring us back to childhood) Sometimes they are needed to relieve stress and just fool around. The main thing is to understand what such stupidity will lead to, and if it can't bring any bad consequences, then you can do something stupid for a change)))
    The biggest folly is to say that you will never do anything stupid and have never done anything stupid. And the worst one, the one that you can't change, I won't wish that on anyone.

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